Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Coming Soon!


I'm going to be very cliche about this whole post, so if you want to back out now, here's your chance.

First I'm going to start by saying, "Where did the year go?"  But in reality, I'm totally meaning it.

It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas 2013 and then the polar vortex hit.  At this time last year, we were snowed completely in.  Today, there isn't even a flake of snow on the ground. 

We have an 8th grader and freshman in the house, and that is flying past so rapidly I don't know how to handle it. 

In 2015, Grace will start drivers ed, and Evan will graduate to high school after May is over.

My word.  I will have TWO high schoolers.  I am NOT that old, am I?

So, as I do every year at this time, I make a mental list.  I don't usually write it down, I just KNOW.  You know what I mean?

I make resolutions.  Things to make myself better for the coming year.

I don't usually share them out loud, I keep them inside.

But today, I've decided to go for it.  Maybe it will keep me more accountable.

Here is my list for 2015.

1.  Take MORE pictures.  (As I sat down to catch up on the kid's school scrapbooks, I found out I hardly had ANY pictures, other than sports to put in their books.  I didn't have any pictures of their friends and them, just their sport, and some 4-H pictures.  THAT IS SAD.  So, I got into Grace's phone and took some of her pictures of her and her friends, and printed them out today.  I need more pictures.)

2.  Pray more.  Pray BETTER.  Worry less.  (If possible.  Remember, I'll have two high schoolers by the end of this new year.)

3.  Get rid of unnecessary STUFF.  Do I really need to keep it around if I haven't used it in years.  Probably not. 

4.  Lose weight.  (I mean it.  I need to do SOMETHING.)

5.  Be better at meal planning.  (Our lives aren't getting any less busy, and planning meals is a pain.  I just make the same thing over and over.  I need some variety.)

6.  Try something new at least once.  (A new food, a new place, a new something.)

7.  Save more money so we can finish the basement.  (Our kids aren't getting any smaller, and neither are their friends, and frankly, I'm tired of "disappearing" upstairs when their friends come over.)

8.  Take a great vacation. 

9.  Take/Make more time for our friends.  We try to get together with our great friends at least once a month.  Sometimes that is hard.  We need to make it a PRIORITY.


10.  ENJOY this time in my life.  (My kids ages, MY age (yuck), our busyness, our quiet times, my husband, my job, our friends, and our status in life. 

Basically this:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a girl wants

What a girl wants...

I think that was a movie title a long, long time ago.

Speaking of movies, Grace and I just watched a heart wrenching one...If I Stay.

Oh my, my eyes are still puffy.

Couldn't help myself.  And I'm an ugly, ugly crier.  Runs in the family.


On the lighter are your husbands in the gift buying area?

Good?  Bad?  Ugly?

Or maybe a little like mine...dare I say, Lazy?

It wasn't always like this.  When we were first married, and had small kids, he ROCKED.

I got a diamond necklace, earrings, clothes.

The problem was, the longer we were married, he told me he thought it was a challenge to buy me clothes, and just ask the salesperson what they wore, as long as I got the thrill of taking it back, cause wasn't that the point, the thrill of me getting a better deal?  A better after Christmas score, and more clothes in the long run anyway?

Are. You. Kidding. Me.?

Then it just came down to giving me money in a box, wrapped by Grace.  So I could spend it the way I wanted.

Does he NOT REMEMBER that my love language (from all those 18 years ago in pre-marital counseling) is GIFTS?  I LOVE to give them, and LOVE to get them.

So, this year, I got something I wanted, then gave Grace money, and she got me the rest, cause AT LEAST SHE KNOWS WHAT I LIKE, and I wanted SOME of my gift to be a surprise.

Yes, I could make a list, but I don't know if he'd even know what some of the things are...

If I DID make a would look like this, and anything on it would be a good gift.

I would choose this perfume (which I did, and Grace wrapped it.  I can't wait!)

 I would wear these boots while I was also wearing the above perfume. 

and I bet they'd be SUPER COMFY as all my Toms shoes are.

I would bling it up a little with any of these bracelets from the Buckle.  Cause I'm into a lot of bling lately.

After putting on these colors...

I would head on over to get a creme brulee latte, or a while chocolate mocha, or even a valencia orange refresher from this place.

After returning home, I would light this baby in either the geranium scent, or cranberry, or even lemon verbenna, because these are GOOD candles.

Either way, ANY of these gifts from my hubby would be good ones.

Even if he isn't a good gift giver, I AM, and I like getting everyone gifts that they enjoy.

What would be on your list?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Insta Month

It's that time of year.

I almost got road rage INSIDE the store today.  I was just trying to do some regular shopping amidst all the angry, fast Christmas shoppers.

I should know better than to hit the stores on a Saturday, but sometimes it must be done.

The past two weeks have flown by, and I'm not sure where they went.

The kids have only 2 more weeks of school till Christmas Break, and finals are only a week away.

I worry about making sure they have all the secret santa/white elephant gifts they for all their parties, all the while attending boys and girls basketball games that Grace is cheering at.

Whew.  No wonder this WHOLE MONTH has flown by.

Here it is in a blur of instagram...

I think Grace might be the only happy one in this pic!

Admiring the colors on this house and wondering why we don't have a red home...

Jake's first snow.

Bowling and supper with the best of friends!

Computer desk companion...EVERY TIME.

A cozy evening with glowing Christmas lights.

A first...freshman and sophomore semi formal.

Grace looked beautiful!

That about sums it up.  November...where oh where did you go?