Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shout Out #3

It's Tuesday once again, and I'm planning on showing you some more great Etsy shops!

I've gotten such a good response from the shop owners I've reviewed so far, it's become a challenge to find other shops I adore.

#1  Grace and Lace.
You had me at the name (I'm a little biased on the name Grace...), and the slogan...made with HIS grace and a little lace.

If you're looking for the cutest boot socks/accessories on the planet, THIS is the store you want to take a look at.

Lace and buttons...yes.

Cute peek a boo lace socks for your flats or heels, um, sure...

And my favorite color grey with ruffles, I'm sold.

#2 Moonstruck Vintage AZ.
Eclectic vintage finds.  That's right up my alley.  At this shop you'll find reasonable prices and unique items that you didn't know you needed until you find them here.

Vintage dominoes...

and carpenter aprons...see, things you didn't even know you needed, but I bet you want them now!

#3 Peacock Attic.
The items in this shop are just to my taste.  Shabby chic frames, items made from vintage books, and much much more.  Each item is unique, and the pictures are STELLAR!

Anything mason jar and I'm sold.

 This print would describe my family sometimes...

#4 The Whirlwind.

I love necklaces, and I wear them quite frequently.  The more unique and vintage looking the better.  This shop is adorable, and very unique in it's own right.  The necklaces are beautiful and the prices are fair.

And the colors are divine.

Take the time to check out these Etsy shops, and the ones I've reviewed in the past here and here.

Support small businesses PLEASE.

We can all use a boost sometimes.

Monday, April 21, 2014

We've Been a Little Busy

We've been a little busy around here with babies.

Our ewes have started popping.

Our first set came last Thursday night with our oldest ewe, Lambchop.

She had a set of triplets.

But something happened.

It's called the CRAZY ewe.

You see, we have 12 ewes that are pregnant.  Lambchop had triplets...the most she's ever had.

Another pregnant ewe got it in her head for some reason that the babies were hers, so she started licking them and calling to them, and got the babies and Lambchop all confused.

Lambchop, started to reject the babies...so that's where the kids and I stepped in.

Brent was gone, so we went and got the lambs, and started bottle feeding them.

Yep, 4 times a day.

It's like having another child again...except it's 3 all at once!

It's fun for awhile, and then it becomes alot.

We do it so they get stronger, and until they can eat grass on their own.  Then we'll move them back with the other lambs we have.

Just look at them, aren't they adorable.  This is curly (he's got crazy curly hair on his neck and back.)
 This is crazy legs, because whenever you're holding him to feed him, or whenever he's outside, he runs sideways, jumps around like a deer, or is constantly moving his legs while he's in your arms. 

And this is Pumpkin.  Because he's adorable, and stares you right in the eyes all the time .

 We can't get enough of them.

This past Saturday, we had my cousins over with their small kids to play with the lambs and see the chickens, etc.

This is Kendall.  I don't know who is cuter...her or the lamb.  I mean really.

This is my cousin Jamie and her daughter Nora.  I think Jamie had more fun with the babies than Nora did.

 This is Macy (on the left), and Kendall.  Macy carried the babies around all day.  What a natural.

 This is my cousin Bridgett.  The moms even had fun with the babies.

 And this is Rylin and Kendall.  Oh my gosh...we had the best time!

Even though this is sometimes hard, and we're changing our schedules around to feed these babies, it's worth them growing big and strong!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shout Out #2

Last Tuesday I highlighted some Etsy shops and told you how great they were.

I have four more of my favorites today to share with you.

I have to say, when I favor a shop, I'm looking for great prices, excellent products, and unique things.

Here are some great shops for you to check out!

#1  Booksygirl

Full of botanicals, maps, and other great, great vintage things...this shop had me at the maps and charts.

I could see the solar system chart on my wall somewhere, and well, the maps, they are great, and all the prices...well, really reasonable.

It's worth a look at this shop!

#2  Katie Scarlett & Co
 Fantastic pillows, and even more fantastic sayings and designs on them.  I could buy several for the prices Katie charges.

 #3 Hawks and Doves
 Jessica sells the most unique and wonderfully vintage bags made out of old fees sacks and carpenter's aprons.  I LOVE the bags and would love to own one myself.

 Just imagine the compliments you would get from a bag like this.  Guaranteed no one else would have one like it!

#4  The Country Barrel
Devon and Tanita sell alot of accessories for mason jars, bird feeders made from mason jars, vintage jewelry, stamped plant markers, and some vintage items, plus alot more.

Their shop is adorable and the mason jar bird feeder would be a great item in my garden!

These shops are one of a kind, and if you would just hop on over and check them out, I would be grateful.

I'm all for supporting small businesses.  Aren't you?

Friday, April 11, 2014


This won't be an easy post to write, but I think I need to do it.

I lost my second grandpa in under a year just 2 days ago.

It was an accident and he had a fall, and he passed on to be with Jesus.  It was quite a shock for all of us, and still is.  He was here, and then he wasn't. 

We all know he is in HEAVEN  because he loved Jesus, and we all knew it.

In almost 64 years of marriage, he helped Grandma raise 6 WONDERFUL kids, one of them being my dad.

They lived just two houses away from Brent and I, and luckily we saw them often.  The last being this past Sunday at a get-together.

Grandpa was a farmer...and

Grandpa with my cousin Emily and Uncle Kent.

Grandpa and Emily
he LOVED cows.  He loved chores.  He was a hard worker to the end.

In my life Grandpa had MANY trucks, and he drove them into the ground, till there might have even been holes in the floor boards.  I mean, WHY get a new truck when this one drives just fine?

This was one of at least 3 that we saw him drive past our house numerous times a day over to the farm.

Grandpa & Grandma raised a close family.  We all love each other, and I have to say, some of my cousins are my close friends.  And I have 16 first cousins.  Over the last several days we've all cried and laughed too. 

Humor was always the center of our get togethers too, and Grandpa ALWAYS had a joke.  Brent thought they were all hilarious, but lets be honest, some were just ok.  Sorry Grandpa.

He always wore overalls, and bit his tongue in a certain way, and gave us kisses.

I will miss him greatly. 

His birthday was 6 days before mine, and he loved strawberries, and so I tried to make him a strawberry shortcake when I could.  I'll have to make one in his memory again.

We miss you Grandpa.  VERY MUCH.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A shout out

It's awfully hard to start your own business and wonder if you're doing all you can to promote it.

I started my Etsy shop about year and a half ago, and it's been going well.  I've had sales to the United Kingdom, and all over the U.S.

Humbling really.

It's just finding the time to stock it, and promote it, and wonder all the while if I'm doing enough without driving people mad by promoting "myself" essentially on Facebook, etc.

It feels like I'm saying, "Hey look at me!"  all the time.

Not my intention, but in a way, it is. 

Anyway, I've decided to promote some other shops that I've favorited and/or purchased from myself.

These shops have good prices, and good products.  Two have even provided swag for my favorite lady, Meg and her craft weekends.  I'm SO jealous of that.

Look these ladies up if you will, check out their shops, help provide business by talking about them, etc.  Maybe we can all promote our shops this way.  Maybe this could become a weekly thing for my blog...promoting new shops.  Give me some feedback on that.

#1 Wifeysinger.

Hannah Singer is the owner and creator, and she does a great job.  I've recently gotten some of her adorable hoop earrings, and they were just as cute as they looked online.  And her packaging...it's adorable.  Just what I'm looking for in a shop!  CHECK. HER. OUT.

#2  Nextdoortoheaven

If you like burlap, and things printed on burlap, THIS is the shop to visit.  I've not purchased anything from here, but I've favorited quite a lot of her things. 

#3  Ikeandco

Angie makes the greatest jewelry.  I just orderd a map necklace of her because you all know I LOVE maps.  It was packaged adorably too, and reasonably priced.    Support Angie, she provides swag for Meg. 

#4  Everygirlneedsvintag

Jill sells vintage tins and things I would put in my own home, some things I DO already have in my home.  If you love vintage, if you have a hard time finding vintage things, and you'd rather have someone else do it for you, check out this shop. 

Even though I've never met any of these ladies, they all do a fabulous job promoting their items through pictures, etc.  Any little bit helps.  Any of us.