Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicago and a project

Yesterday we returned from a 3-day weekend away to one of our standard vacation spots. (Really, we go there every summer. I guess we're creatures of habit.)


While it's fun to get away, and exciting to be in a city vs. where we's also good to come back home. When we returned, we were greeted with very long grass and a plethora of weeds in the garden, but also some new blooms on my day lilies.

I'll post more about our getaway later...but I want to show you another quick project I have been cookin' up but haven't finished until today.

About a month ago, the kids and I came upon this at Target.

A pack of 6 retro bottles of 7-UP. They thought it was really cool, and wanted to get them. It reminded me of my childhood when we would drink Coke out of glass bottles, so I said sure...and home they came with us.

Once the bottles were all empty, I decided I wanted to do a little something with the box and bottles.

I've seen teacher gift ideas using a small cardboard drink carrier and empty bottles filled with jelly beans or something, but I wanted some unique flower vases for all the cutting flowers I have in my yard.

So...I started by using some duct tape to make the bottom of the box stronger.
Then I measured the sides and top, and found some scrapbook paper to use.
6 total pieces in all.

I just put adhesive on the back of my paper, and stuck it on. You probably could mod podge this all on too, but I wanted to be quick. I might mod podge the second box I have.
I also added some embellishments from my paper scraps. The buttons were just some from a huge jar I have.
Next, it was time to add the blooms.
It's currently residing in my kitchen window.

Another thing off the project to-do list. It feels good to be gettin' things done.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cake...or Fruit anyone?

I finished another project. Check one off my ever growing list.

I really shouldn't look at magazines. They are my downfall....but I love them OH SO MUCH! Oh, and It's addicting.

Usually it goes like this. I see something in a magazine that catches my eye. Sometimes I will try to copy it exactly as is. Sometimes I'll put my own little spin on it. This was the case with this project.

I've had a dilemma surrounding my kitchen island (which is really the enamel-topped table I coveted of my sister's like forever...until she moved to South Carolina and gave it to me. Did I mention my sister is the best...YOU'RE the BEST JEN!) and the fruit/vegetables that are frequently laying around on it.

I have a fruit bowl, but it just holds the fruit. What about the avocados and tomatoes I often buy? Where do they go except all over the table!?

I've been seeing these 3-tiered plate stands for awhile now, in every possible configuration out there. Then I saw one made out of old cake pans. It was used for ribbon in a craft room, but a spark went off inside me, and I thought...THAT would make a great fruit/vegetable stand.

So, back to the Goodwill I went. I mean, when you're making a project, there really is NO WHERE CHEAPER than this place to go for supplies.

I got some cake pans and some candlesticks. $.50 each.

Then I painted the candlesticks my favorite aqua blue color to match the color scheme in my kitchen.
I found some scrapbook paper in my stash.

It looked very vintage to me, a little bit old lady-ish, so I knew it was the right choice. (Sometimes I feel like a depression-era lady in my body. Weird, I know.)

It's from the October Afternoon line which I LOVE. This one is aptly named Thrift Shop...Needs Paint.

I cut it into strips the size of the sides of the cake pans.
And I used THIS glue from Michaels. Craft glue. Clear. Very goopy. You could probably use mod podge too. Either would work fine.

Once I had the paper on the sides, it looked like this.

I loved the look instantly. Then I got the candlesticks, and using the glue I glued them to the middle of the pans.
After it dried, I added the fruit and vegetables that were laying haphazardly on the table.
It was a simple project to do. Not very time consuming either...unless you count painting the candlesticks and letting the glue dry. I love my original tiered caddy.

So, here's your challenge. Find something you like, and make your own spin on it, and let me know. Put a link in your comment to let me see it.

Have fun crafting!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freaking out!

As I watch the calendar turn over to the third full week in June, I can't help but freak out a little.

Things have been crazy around here, and I feel like I'm losing my footing. This was evident this week, when I noticed I hadn't posted since last Monday.

For that I am sorry. Maybe some of you noticed, and maybe you didn't. But I did, and it made me feel sick.

Let me just fill you in on the past week.

Each day we (I mean me) awoke at 6:15 to get ready for volleyball camp for Grace that lasted the entire week. We left the house each morn. at 8, and her camp was done at 10. Good for her, busy for us.

I celebrated a birthday (the number of years I WON'T mention), and strawberry season hit in full force...(always has the BEST timing, as does all my produce when we're the busiest.) I made sliced strawberries in juice (which I freeze) as well as 28 jars of jam. I'm still picking from my own this isn't over yet.
We had 5 games of baseball/softball this past week (Grace had the late game 4 times this week, which meant we didn't leave the ballpark before 10pm each time)... 3 alone on Friday. Tournament starts this week. Can you tell I'm thrilled? (sarcastic voice)
Our 4-h pigs continue to get bigger, and the family that keeps theirs at our house come over a couple times a week and we get all 7 out of the pen to walk them. This is both hilarious and chaotic!
We've also finished feeding the baby with a bottle.

THIS we couldn't be happier about. Yesterday Brent moved all the sheep and Marley down the road to newer and greener pasture. Wags totally ignored the kids and Brent as he was so mesmerized by the abundant clover. (Grace said when the sheep looked up at her, there was grass hanging out both sides of their mouths!)

My garden and flower beds seem to be getting the best of me, and between the rain showers, I've been weeding and picking. (Can't wait for the fresh tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini, etc.)

I also have a list of projects as long as my arm but have really only completed one. You can find it here.
There are many others in the works...
(I need scrabble boards at a reasonable price....let me know where I can get some!)
I'm also getting ready to reveal Evan's room redo. I started working on it the other day. These are my inspiration...
The coming week proves to be slightly better, but only slightly. We have at least 2 games, basketball camp for Grace every morn., vacation at the end of the week, and paperwork for the fair that needs to be completed.

When I think about where the time has gone since we've been outa school, I can't figure out where it went.

I see the months spinning by on the calendar, and realize I need to get my butt in gear and finish some things. Now, if I could only clone myself...

Hope your weeks are much less chaotic than ours!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A little V-Cay

We had relatives here from IL this past weekend. We had a BLAST! The weekend was filled with baseball games, food, staying up till midnight (we're WAY too old for that!), partying with family, and shopping.

One day we took them up to South Haven, MI. We had scouted this trip out back over Spring Break in April. We were hoping it would turn out to be a great time, and we weren't disappointed.

We ate first (of course...didn't want anyone to be grumpy...) and took in some shops. They have just about everything up there. Dog stores, olive oil shops (where the sales people have a TRUE LOVE for olive oil), antique malls,
craft shoppes,
cafes, and plenty of candy/chocolate shoppes.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the time just flew.
We took in the pier...
And even hit the beach on Lake Michigan. The day was overcast, and a little humid, but the kids had a good time in the lake. They TOLD us it felt warm (I'm not so sure...)

It was a good day. A Great weekend. And we're all EXHAUSTED!