Thursday, April 16, 2015

Everyone needs a little Getaway!

We don't typically go very far for Spring Break, much to our kid's dismay.

It's expensive, we have usually just gotten our 4-H pigs, and it's sometimes hard to find someone to do chores while we're gone.

I'm sure the kids will get invited to go places with their friends as they get a little older, and that's fine, but for now, we take small weekends as they come.

For the last 3 days of spring break this year we headed to our stomping grounds of Chicago.

We've been heading there every year since the kids were in strollers, so we know our way around pretty well now.

We take the train from the airport not far away from home, then stay downtown, and spend the weekend walking to wherever we need to go, then taking the train to the White Sox game.

Grace and I do a little shopping while the guys watch cable TV in the room (since we don't have cable at home.)

We have a good time, and I usually like the stores she picks, but this is often the reality...she's snap chatting someone while we're together!

We eat a lot of good food...

We head to the game...

And we enjoy the city...

Grace and I even found a new favorite show on TV...Flea Market Flip.  It's AWESOME.  Too bad we can't get it at home!

Brent is always FAR MORE READY to come home than the rest of us. 

We did have a great 3 days there though.  The weather was perfect for everything we did, and we love getting away to the "big city" every once in awhile.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time to Freshen Up!

My Etsy shop was in need of some new items. 

I hadn't filled it since before Christmas when I was in the throws of Christmas decorating myself.

It was time for some newly thought of ideas.

So this is what I added to the shop today.

Just a few things, but I'll add more as I think of new ideas, or sell some things.

I'd really like to keep all of these things for myself, but you know, I'm running out of wall space!

These would all make great gifts for someone, or for yourself.

Check them and other items out at my shop here.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Back to Life

My last post was Dec. 31, 2014

I feel both guilty and relieved by this.

I think I needed a hiatus.

My thoughts were getting stale. 

My family said my posts were too.  (Brent is still pining for all the posts to be about HIM.)

I wasn't feeling creative (nothing new in my Etsy shop since December...), I wasn't feeling me.  The long winter, the cold, cold weather, the incessant driving someone somewhere everyday was wearing thin. 

I have a solid month before Grace needs to be driven to cheer practice again.

I might rejoice over the fact that when I get home from work, I can actually STAY HOME.  If only for a month.

A while ago, on one of the blogs I follow religiously, I came upon a new kind of list.

I felt like copying it, I'm sorry, I can't even remember the blog it was on, but I liked their list alot and thought I'd give it a go.

So here's my attempt at jumping back into posting.

Reading....this.  He's an author my dad and I share between us.  Which means, dad reads the books first, and then passes them to me, or I pick them up at the library.  I LOVE when my dad offers me a stack of books.  Instant happiness, if only I can find the time to read.

Playing...this.  I gave this CD to Grace for her birthday in January, and fell in love with it myself.  It's got beat man, and these days, I need beat to keep me going.

Watching...Reign and Dancing With The Stars.  I can't help myself.   And I can't explain it either.

Trying...To feel creative again and to fill up my etsy shop with new items.

Cooking...Every.night.of.the.week.  It's exhausting coming up with new things all the time. 

Eating...this (my lunch staple.) AND this.  Love me some copycat restaurant recipes.

Drinking...Lipton Mango and Peach Green Tea.  I bought mine at Walmart, but I couldn't find a link to that anywhere, only on eBay.  Weird.  Oh well...I make mine like sun tea outside with 5 tea bags in a large jar.  YUM.

Calling...Evan.  If only he knew how to answer his phone.  He only knows how to text.  Oh Ev, just when I think I've taught you everything you need to know now, this happens.

Texting...Grace.  Most everyday since we now share the same time slot for lunch.  She changed classes, and not many of her friends share her lunch hour anymore, and you know how uncool it is to not look busy, so she texts me so it looks like she's got better things to do.  I'll take it, you know, I'll just take it!

Pinning...Gardening ideas right now.  This time of year always gets me excited to try new things, then I actually have to weed, etc. and it becomes not so fun.  But just look at this and be still my heart for this and then I'll need this.

Tweeting...I don't.

Crafting...Chalkboard Menu Clipboards for my shop, which in my mind will be a combination of this and this.

Doing...A lot of driving.  To work, errands, practices, and social outings for Grace.  I have mixed feelings about her starting drivers ed in a week or two.  In a year, the freedom might be great for me, but also the fear will be starting.

Going...To Chicago for the White Sox opening weekend (Ev's favorite team) at the tail end of our Spring Break.


Hating...This in between brown season, and the mud.  Each outfit I own bears a muddy puppy paw print from when he greets me when I get home from work.

Hoping (for)...A relatively mild summer with plenty of sun, just not a lot of humidity.  Humidity and I are not friends.

Celebrating...How proud I am of Grace and Evan for maintaining honor roll status all year, even through their sporting seasons.  School is hard these days, and they are doing great.

Thanking...God. For. Everything.

Starting...The plans for my garden, and some more blog posts.

Thanks for enduring my separation from the blog world these last few months.  I needed a break so it seems, and I'm glad to be starting again.

Have a happy week!