Thursday, August 13, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

Today is the last full day of summer break before the kids start school tomorrow.

I will have a freshman and a sophomore.  And everyone who told me the school years fly by was right.

For you parents of young children.  It's the truth.  When you hear others tell you, believe them.

It's both a curse and a blessing.

So today, we're packing it in, dentist appointments, practices, running around.  We'll all be exhausted when we hit the pillow tonight.

I did want to show you, however, a photo shoot I did about a month ago with Grace and Evan and Grace's best friend since kindergarten, Rebekah.  (I would claim her as my third child  :-)  )

Of course, in true Grace style, this photo shoot is already obsolete.  She's cut her hair about 2 1/2-3" and wants to redo her alone shots cause the first ones weren't her favorite.  We will add in some on the football field in her cheerleading uniform, and go from there I guess.

But these are my favorites from the session. 

The very last one cracks me up, cause that is true Grace and Rebekah style, and they'd love nothing more than to be "Famous!"

Happy end of summer all!


  1. thanks for sharing the link on FB, great pictures, beautiful children. And yes the time does fly by, but it's a whole new kind of fun when they become adults. Enjoy now!!

  2. Gorgeous kids! Gorgeous pictures! I miss checking in here. I'm not even sure that my new phone is set up for my blog account… XO
    Leslie at farm fresh fun


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