Thursday, April 16, 2015

Everyone needs a little Getaway!

We don't typically go very far for Spring Break, much to our kid's dismay.

It's expensive, we have usually just gotten our 4-H pigs, and it's sometimes hard to find someone to do chores while we're gone.

I'm sure the kids will get invited to go places with their friends as they get a little older, and that's fine, but for now, we take small weekends as they come.

For the last 3 days of spring break this year we headed to our stomping grounds of Chicago.

We've been heading there every year since the kids were in strollers, so we know our way around pretty well now.

We take the train from the airport not far away from home, then stay downtown, and spend the weekend walking to wherever we need to go, then taking the train to the White Sox game.

Grace and I do a little shopping while the guys watch cable TV in the room (since we don't have cable at home.)

We have a good time, and I usually like the stores she picks, but this is often the reality...she's snap chatting someone while we're together!

We eat a lot of good food...

We head to the game...

And we enjoy the city...

Grace and I even found a new favorite show on TV...Flea Market Flip.  It's AWESOME.  Too bad we can't get it at home!

Brent is always FAR MORE READY to come home than the rest of us. 

We did have a great 3 days there though.  The weather was perfect for everything we did, and we love getting away to the "big city" every once in awhile.

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