Sunday, May 3, 2015


Grace has always been full of contradictions.

With her future career choices that is.

The way the school diplomas are run these days, kids have to have their future career choice made by the end of 8th grade when they make their schedules for high school.


With Grace, she's flip-flopped between Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Cosmetologist, and Interior Decorator.

She'd be great at any or all of those, but it's a hard decision to make as an 8th grader.

This year she has taken some introductory art classes for high school.  Drawing, Painting, and Into to 2D/3D Design.

I'm so glad, cause those are subjects I can understand.  I LOVED them in high school and college, and came out with a job as a graphic designer for my first "real job."

Every year Fairfield has a creative arts show in the spring to showcase the best of the kids art from all the art classes.  At the end of the show, awards are given, and new inductees are made into the Art National Honor Society, based on grades.

This year, Grace had many projects in the show and she was also inducted along with some friends into the Art National Honor Society.

I'm SO PROUD of her.

(back row, third from the left.)
 She thinks she's decided on Graphic Design as her career choice, but she's also going to go through the cosmetology program at Fairfield as a Junior and Senior as a backup choice because that would be a great skill to have to use in life.

Grace and her friend Danielle got gesso brushes when they were inducted.


paper mache

She's such a goof!

One of my favorites!

Good job Grace!  Keep it up.

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  1. So glad you posted these. We always have to miss events like this and it was great to admire Grace's work from afar. She's got your gift, and we know whatever career path she chooses, she's gonna rock it. Way to go, Grace! Love you.


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