Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gettin' up THERE.

I remember when anyone in their 30's sounded old to me.

I think I was in high school.

My parents were some of the youngest parents in my class.  My mom was only 37 when I graduated from high school, and my dad was 40.

My gosh does that sound young now.

Yesterday I turned 39.


I have that saving grace.

I remember having a HUGE problem with turning 30.  I don't know why.  I had both of my kids before then, and I was still young.  30 just seemed like such a milestone.

I'm ok with 39.

I am.


Yesterday was a good day, save for the fact that I  had to rise at 4:30am.  I got the kids up at 5:15am and they got ready for a weekend Junior Youth working trip an hour and a half away.

I was rarin' to go by 7am, so I headed over to my parent's house to get my sister who is up with her family visiting from SC.

We headed to the BEST flea market/garage sale where I picked up a set of two end tables, (which became my new coffee table side by side) and some other small stuff.

Then we ran a couple of errands, I dropped her back off at mom and dads and I ran some more errands.


I got to pick the music on the radio and turn it up as loud (or as quiet) as I wanted.  I wasn't constantly telling my 13 year old daughter to take her earbuds out so she could hear me.


I think I took a small trip to heaven yesterday.

Then I got home, and my husband came home from work and asked if I was ready.

For what?

"Well," he says, "We need to go wrestle one of the sheep.  I need to see why she is limping."

Oh, great.  What a fun birthday present honey!

So we did.

Where we have our sheep grazing is the most peaceful place around.  A widow lady lets us graze her many acres all summer and into the fall.  She and her husband used to have sheep, and she misses that, and she loves when ours have babies.

We caught the ewe and he trimmed her heels so her feet would feel better.

Then we headed home, where we stripped off our poison ivy riddled clothes, changed, and sat down to a very delicious supper if I do say so myself.

Chicken enchiladas with our own lettuce, some tomatoes, and the BEST chips and salsa from our local mexican restaurant.

Then some of my very own strawberries for our "sweetness" part of the meal.

Then we watched a movie, I read some, and we sat outside on the patio for a little bit.

SOUNDS like we're getting old, doesn't it.

BUT, IT WAS GREAT.  Peaceful, just what I wanted.

Today, the work begins.

Weeding the garden before the supposed storm we're supposed to get, more strawberry picking and making jam, and cleaning the house.

I think I'm gonna need some coffee.  Stat.


  1. I turn 30 next year...I had a really hard time with turning 29. It was like it meant 30 was now I'm indifferent about turning 30. So glad all your little sheep are ok. They are just precious!
    And, you supper certainly does look delicious

  2. You're all just babies! I turn 49 (gasp( next month) and I can't quite believe it... I mean how did my kids get to be 23 and 25 and I'm almost a half century, looking back longingly at 40 (sigh).

    But seriously your are young if you want to be young! Enjoy every year because they are what has "made you" what you are today.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Wishing you a fun year! Youz still a mere babe! ;-) I'M the old crone!


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