Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The other day in Sunday School we talked about stillness.

Quietness.  Finding the time to quiet down/power down and listen.

We talked about how we (those who grew up in the last generation without cell phones, smart phones, ipods, wii's, etc.) have eased ourselves into this generation's "plugged in-ness" and find it hard to find "quiet" anymore.

We talked about how HARD it must be for our kids who are NEVER away from technology.

Where is their quiet?

Our kid's quiet comes from us FORCING them to get away from their electronics whether it is a punishment or just to BE AWAY.  I'm sure we're on the more conservative side of this.

They HATE it, but too bad.  I think it's rude when kids are with other kids, and they all have their heads down, texting people who AREN'T EVEN IN THE ROOM WITH THEM.  It drives me crazy.

This week, Grace is grounded from her ipod.  It usually breaks her, so we find it's her best punishment.

That being said, last night, while weeding the garden, I listened to my children jump on the trampoline and play games together for at least an hour, without a fight.

It made me smile inside to hear them.  It reminded me of when my sister and I would play for HOURS outside during the summer.  Tetherball, in our playhouse, riding bikes, tennis against the barn, etc.  We didn't have the electronics pulling us away, and it makes me so sad for my kids.

Last night, I FELT God in the quiet of my weeding, in the happiness of my children.

It was a stillness that I don't feel often, that I need to make a point to FEEL more often.

Where is your stillness?


  1. Amen. I loved this post. Wishing you n your family many more similar nights. We havent yet allowed our kids (6,9) any technology which other family members seem to regard as "quaint" or old fashioned. We treasure our farm isolation for just that reason. Its so hard to limit kids from what their friends have, that we know these days will soon be over. Thanks for making me feel like Im not the only vintage momma! ;-)

  2. We're finding our stillness a little easier now. We cut our cable out completely. We have Netflix, but we don't spend as much time watching that as we did cable. My goal is for us to spend as much time outside this summer as possible. Love just sitting around our fire pit watching the bats and the lightening bugs with my WeeMan.


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