Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm not impressed

This last ditch effort by Summer to bring forth it's hottest weather does NOT impress me.

The 97 degree weather and humidity we had this past week was not cool.

You will NEVER find me saying,  "Gee, I wish it would get hot and humid tomorrow!"

I am a fall girl through and through.

Mother Nature finally got her act together this weekend when it started to cool down.  Our grass looks like a field of straw due to the lack of rain over the last month, but the cooler, crisper temperatures are fabulous.

I thought I'd share with you, just some things that remind me of  the up and coming season.  Things that get me in the spirit of long sleeves, crisp nights, football games, and campfires.

Things like decorating my house for fall.  I have ALOT of Christmas decorations, but the number of fall decorations in my collection are catching up.


 Every year, I need inspiration to decorate the front porch...
 and new ways to "rearrange" the decorations I already have.
My wardrobe obviously changes, and these are good pictures to inspire me.

Aren't they divine???

And this picture just about sums up all my feelings about fall...
What would  your favorite season be?


  1. Oh yeah - I am a fall girl too. There's just something about the crisp crunchy smell of the air. I can't wait to go apple picking and to the pumpkin patch.

  2. I agree. I LOVE Fall. I wore a hoodie all day Saturday and it was glorious!!

  3. FALL beautiful fall! It seems to arrived her - temps in the upper 40's last night and it's only going to 68 as a high today. Woo Hoo!

    Love your ispiration photos

  4. k, your pretty pics do help this summer girl. I actually was just on Ebay boot shopping. I'm really into blue n orange these days so will use your nudge to go create a fun vignette. I'm ashamed to say I still have red, white n blue up. Didn't do a thing for start of school this year. :-( Sometimes I find the whole seasonal dragging out of decor too exhausting. Then I visit friends blogs and want to do more!


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