Sunday, September 29, 2013

Now it can be fall!

The front and side door of our house have been a turquoise color since we moved here almost 8 years ago.

I painted them that way, because the shutters that came with our house were turquoise in color.

I've been wanting to change that for awhile.  The doors, AND the shutters, but shutters are expensive, and we have a TON of windows.

So, about a month ago, I picked out a brick red exterior paint at Lowes. 

I didn't know when I'd actually get the project done, but I wanted to be ready.

The project happened this weekend.  When Grace had her bestie over to spend the night.

We're getting ready for our big Sunday School Fall Party this weekend, and we were working outside like crazy.

I convinced Grace and her friend that it would be great if they would paint my doors. 

They asked me if they could have a paint fight.  I said NO.  I mean it!

They just laughed at me, and used the paint left on the roller to paint their legs when the doors were done.  Grace is still finding bits of red paint in crazy places, (like her elbow). 

The front door used to look like this.  Not bad, but a little plain for our yellow house.

Now it looks like this...
and I added a vinyl Welcome to the door.
I couldn't stop there, so I washed down the walls of the porch, got rid of all the spiders, (which incidentally are all BACK today...darn country living...) and decorated the porch for fall.

Whew.  I love it, and I'm glad it's done.

Do you decorate your porch?


  1. Love it - the red is great! I do decorate but we still have it set for summer. Maybe this week:)

  2. Well done, everybody. Makes me feel convicted that my porch is bare.


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