Monday, October 14, 2013

What this post is really about...apparently NOT about me

I won't tell you that this past Saturday, Grace and I traveled 1 1/2 hours south to a craft show that I was a vendor at.

It was hosted by a lady I met at an antique garage sale this summer...who asked if my cousin and I had a store of our own.

Turns out my cousin couldn't attend this weekend, so I paid, and went with Grace.

It was the perfect setting...and we were in a barn with our booth.

(But Brent is telling me that this blog is getting boring, and there isn't enough about him in it...)

Grace even made a new friend while we I set up the booth.

(He's telling me that I get more comments on the blog when there is a story about him.  He's quite full of himself most of the time.)

At the sale, there were many vendors, and the owner of the farm made a giant batch of chili and passed it around free of charge.

The weather was beautiful, and there were TONS of people who went through the sale.

(He wants me to share with you how funny he is, and how EVERY Sunday when he gets in the van to drive...which is the only day of the week he usually drives my van...he says, "I wonder what circus monkey was driving this last!"  Hilarious reference to me being much smaller than him.  The kids, however, laugh EVERY time.  EVERY TIME.)

The sale wasn't my best, but it was the last one for me this year, and that's quite a relief.  When I have a little time this week, I will add everything I have left to my Etsy store.  

(Any man who carves a bit of snow into a tractor and is SO proud of himself has something not quite right with him...right.  I'm glad we're in agreement.  Also any man who on a daily basis names us all ridiculous names, and sings songs CONSTANTLY to every one's utter annoyance is not quite right...right?  And lastly, any man who relates each piece of my clothing to an article of food is most definitely not quite right.  Absolutely.)

I have bulletin boards and picture frames, and a pillow, and candle holders, etc.  I KNOW you can use something as a gift with the holidays coming up, right.

(So, as he reads this the next time, I can just hear him in my mind..."It's about time you spice up this blog with more about me...that's what your readers want anyway."   His FAVORITE line of all time, which he sing songs is, "It's not about you, it's all about ME!"  Yep, that's pretty much his motto.)

Yes, this man is my husband.  Yes, on a daily basis he drives me CA-RA-ZY, yes his annoys ALL of us with his constant teasing and his songs...but on the other hand, he makes me laugh at the stupidest times, and he's loyal, and he's a hard worker (when he's not napping), and he's my children's father.  He takes the worst of me, and I take the worst of him, and we share everything in between.  

The singing however, MUST GO.  I'm NOT kidding.  

So see, this really wasn't about a craft show this weekend, it was about Brent.  

Hope you're happy darling.

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  1. Hmm, dare I say your Mr. Wonderful is right! This is a fab post but the sweet details on your husband really made it special. I'm so jealous of your crafts, your trip to a barn sale (come HERE) and your husband who SINGS! Mine has an amazing voice and sings with his kids only... I have to try to sneak up on him to catch a few phrases. But like yours, he keeps me laughing and as you said, that's priceless. You two have clearly made a special family!


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