Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

It's 9:45am, and I've already done a ton of stuff.

It's a Saturday, I remind you, but one that I thought would be kinda bad, has turned into one kind of good.

I was up at 5:45am.  Gulp.  NOT my idea for a Saturday.

We were supposed to have an all day junior high basketball tournament at school today, and the girls were going to cheer.  We were supposed to be to school by 8am.

I had to wake two very sleepy girls who were out late watching a movie last night, and then crashed at my house.  (Don't worry, it was Grace and her bestie Christina.)

I woke them up at 6, cause you know, cheerleaders HAVE got to look pretty, especially when your boyfriend is on the team!

I went downstairs, made them pancakes, got the coffee running, and made my breakfast.

The girls came down, sleepily ate their pancakes, and I got a text. 


(It's snowing to beat the band here.)

Hallelujah!  And I'll say it again...Hallelujah!

I sent the girls back to bed, then put in a load of laundry.

Meanwhile, Brent and Evan got up, ate breakfast, then got dressed and went outside.

We are selling some ewes today, and the boys are headed 45 minutes away to the sale barn.

I remind you, it's snowing to beat the band here..  Sometimes sideways.

Brent asked if I could come outside to write down their ear tag numbers, so we know who we sold.

Sure babe.  I'll be right out.

The ewe in the back, our first one, Lambchop, the tamest one we have, the one in the middle, licorice, cause she has black lips!

I came in from that little excursion and did some more laundry, changed the sheets, got ready, put some things away, wrapped some small gifts, and got out all the ingredients to draw the WINNER for the giveaway I had this week.

Remember, this is what you're, maybe some extras cause that's how I roll.

I did the drawing quite scientifically (ha ha), cause I couldn't get the random widget to insert into my post and randomly pick a number associated with a name.

I wrote all the names down, put them in a bowl, and drew one out.

I wish you all could have won, but the shipping would've killed me, not to mention the labor of making all those items again.

So, LESLIE DEERING is the winner!  I'm so happy for you Leslie, and I just sent your ETSY purchase out this week!  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with a little something extra to make your day.  I'll send out your prize Monday.

To wrap up, here are some Christmas pictures from around the house.


  1. Okay, I'm sure you think I'm only writing to THANK YOU... That is a major part, but I also just got my first Feedburner blog update and was so enjoying it even before I saw that I won! I actually had a morning much like yours, and was sitting in my car in the driveway willing myself to trudge through the snow into the barn... Your whole post truly cheered me up! I really love your decor, especially the PEACE pic which I pinned! So yes, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's so fun to win some of your amazing creations, but even nicer to feel that I have a bloggy bud who "gets" me and my lifestyle! Hope you have a soothing Sunday! xoxo Leslie

  2. Sometimes those cancellations can be like a free day. Who schedules all day long tournaments two weeks before Christmas, hah. Love all your decorations. Love Lambchop. We had snow then freezing rain. I love the snow not the ice.


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