Monday, July 28, 2014

A Little Fair for You...

The last 9 days have seemed like a blur.

We've literally spent every day, all day long, at the fair.

It was the Elkhart County 4-H Fair...the 2nd largest in the US.  Oh yeah, it's big!

We spent the week watching animal shows, cleaning out our pig pens, showing our pigs (3 different times,) washing the pigs, hanging out with friends, eating ALOT, and feeding the pigs. 

This year, we made it easier, and the kids only had one pig each.  They both had Durocs and named them Bullwinkle and BoJangles.  (Don't ask me to explain the naming process...each year they are quite original.)

The pigs were like big sappy dogs, and they LOVED jelly beans.  Get out the beans, and they are like putty in your hands.

The kids showed well, but the judge wasn't diggin' on our pigs this year.  Bummer, but still a good experience.

Brent's goal at this year's each the ice cream flavor of the day every day.  He made it each day except the last.

It was a good year, and the weather was pretty decent, but we're all exhausted.

It takes a year to recover from the 9 fair days, but it IS a a high school reunion, but BETTER!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! They have gotten big, since I've been by to visit. Love a good fair!


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