Saturday, August 2, 2014

Burst of crafting

Give me a couple hours alone, and I'll give you some new things for my Etsy shop.

It's been awhile.  I have had materials laying upstairs in my craft room waiting to be finished, but something always gotten in the way.

Maybe it's just because I'm better under pressure.  It's almost time to go back to work, and I'm feeling the need to stock the shop when I have some extra time.

Brent and the kids went to move the sheep this afternoon, and I headed upstairs, turned on the TV to a random afternoon movie, and got to work.

Of course, usually when I'm finished with the things I make to list in the store, I usually want to keep them for myself!

Anyway, here is a little preview...

I didn't make these items myself, but I have had them for years with some other vintage sporting equipment in my living room.  Time to pass them on to a good home. 

Miniature vintage bowling trophies.

Distressed aqua bulletin boards...

and chalkboards...

Pistachio green ones...

and a mustard yellow ornate frame...   SO hard to part with.

I use all these colors in my own home, so whatever doesn't sell, I could always use for myself.

If you haven't lately, check out my shop.  Just click the link in the sidebar.

Happy Shopping!

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