Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My humble home with some Christmas thrown in.

So I'm a holiday decorating junkie. Yes. I'll admit it. I love to decorate for the holidays, especially Christmas. (Probably why I have the most decorations for this holiday!)

Anyway, here are some of my favorite parts of my home decorated especially for Christmas.

This morning I'm feeling extra Christmasy since we're sportin' a 2 hour delay. YEAH! (Did I really just scream that out loud?)

So, here goes...

Probably my favorite decoration evah....the tree. This year I put it in the part of our living room that just doesn't make sense. It's supposed to be the bar area where two bar stools would reside (I can just see my kids eating their breakfast there now), but I cannot find bar stools tall enough to be here. (Ah, the joys of a house already built before it was ours...) Anyway, this little alcove fits our tree and presents perfectly. I'll use this space again for sure next Christmas.

These suitcases, (a goodwill find YEARS ago) hold our DVD's, and are the perfect spot for these decorations.

Of course I have to decorate my picture ledge in the dining room as well....why not, it's a space dying for some Christmas cheer.

I always put lighted garland on the stairway, and the kids like to use that for their hallway nightlite for the winter. This year, I added the vintage wreath I got at a garage sale a couple years ago. First time I've ever hung something on that part of my stairway wall. I like it. Maybe I'll make something to hang there year round. (hmmm.....I'm thinking)

Speaking of the stairway...at the bottom, or at the beginning, whichever way you happen to start is this pair of mittens. I can't remember if I ever wore them myself, but they are filled with winteryness (is this a word?)

What are your favorite Christmas decorations????


  1. I love all of your decorations. I especially love the homemade jar snow globes so stinkin cute. I just started pulling out all of my decorations this evening, and there are just too many I love to name them all. Well, I'm really crushin on my new paper ornaments, I love them. I'm with you, this is my favorite season to decorate. Hugs-Carrie

  2. Love the jars with a little Christmas something and snow. Great idea!

    I know what it's like to fit the tree in somewhere. Mine is actually in my enclosed front porch! Small old houses weren't really made for adding a tree to the mix.

    Your garland looks fabulous and I love the little added touch of the mittens!

    Happy holidays,

  3. love all of it, but especially the mittens...you're right, they're scream "winteryness". :)


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