Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis the Season...yada yada yada

This week has not put me much into the Christmas spirit I'm afraid to say. It's been too busy. I've been buying and making gifts and having practices, and shuttling people here and there, and I'm tired. I'm more than ready for Christmas break, and some sleepin' in.

However, there was a bright spot in my week. The kid's Christmas concert at school was this week. Last year at this time, the Christmas concert was all about a Christmas Spelling Bee, and we got to sing Hymns, and talk about Christ. Since our recent episode with a certain family, and the lawsuit that resulted from that about our Bible class, we no longer are able to do a Christian Christmas concert at school. It saddens me a great deal.

Instead, we had a concert this week about Santa Claus, and his shopping network.

To ease the burden for Santa, a shopping network was created where kids could "call in" and give their requests, and the elves would build it for them, and ship it out!

(our little amish neighbor, Kaylene, was an elf!!!!)

Santa was given the royal treatment by plenty of beauticians, along with the approval of Mrs. Claus, for his TV appearance on the Santa Shopping Network.

Grace wasn't pleased to be a part of the concert. She told me it was not her favorite one...and I think she's at that age where everything just seems to be dumb! So, most of my pictures of her, include her NOT smiling.

Both kids had a speaking part this year. Evan was Vixen the reindeer. He got to talk about how to call in and pick the right number and color selection to get your order placed.

One of his best friends was a reindeer with him, so it made it more exciting for him.

Grace got to make a cat noise into the mic when they were introducing a cat as one of the featured items you could wish for.

Then of course at the end, I needed to take a shot of my kiddos. They weren't really happy about this. They never are for some reason.

It turned out to be a good concert. They did a great job, and there were funny parts throughout the concert.

Maybe this next week, with NOTHING on my calendar will put me right back into the spirit and joy of the season.

Hope your week is joyful!


  1. I know what you mean about busy and tiring. Looks like a cute concert and your kiddos are adorable. Too bad about the school situation. Looks like you all made the most of it this year though :)

  2. the pictures of Evan make me laugh :) and good that a new profile picture, or have i just always missed it?!? you look FANTASTIC!!

  3. Cute, cute photos!

    You are fortunate to live in a state where you can have any kind of holiday concert. In Washington state most schools interpret the state law so that there are no holiday concerts. When my kids were in elementary school we were fortunate to be in a district that allowed for a "winter concert". The songs were all sorts of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa songs as well as the Christmas songs being from many different countries and cultures. Our school usually "slipped" in a few like Silent Night or Away in the Manger as well. Sadly, we now worry so much about being politically correct and diverse that we leave out traditions and culture from so many others.

    Glad your concert was still a holiday highlight!


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