Thursday, December 9, 2010

Truth Thursday...My bliss list

There are some things in life I just cannot live without. Some I enjoy more often than others, and whenever I do, it reminds me how much I do love them.

You see, I'm not one to indulge myself. I feel too guilty. Right now my husband (who is no doubt reading this...since he told me to get to writing Truth Thursday for the week) is laughing. He thinks I buy too much stuff as it is. Right. I might buy stuff, but it's not usually for me personally. It might be for the house, or for the kids, or even groceries for him to eat!

Take for instance my personal days at work. I'm allotted 4 for the year. I use 2 every year to go on field trips with both my kids. I enjoy this. However, last year, I used 1 for a personal day. I felt GUILTY the whole day. Why is this? The thought of a day all to myself without children at school hanging on me (literal hanging, people) sounds extremely exciting. To say I'm emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day is an understatement. So, I have a mental list of things I cannot do without. Things that give me a little "joy" and things that are just for me.

Some are pretty mundane, and some are not.


Clinique superbalm moisturizing lip gloss (in GINGER). This is my new favorite. I'm a lipstick girl. Unless I'm at home with no where to go for the day, my lips are covered. I don't enjoy naked lips. Really. Plus, I just read in a magazine too bright of lipstick makes your face look fat. Can you believe that? Honestly!


A McDonald's Coke. One of my indulgences for sure. One I usually only buy, say, every 2 months. Really. We don't go to McDonalds very often. But whenever I have one...I have to close my eyes it's that good. Fountain coke at McDonalds is THE BEST.


A Starbucks, skinny, nonfat, white chocolate mocha is TO DIE FOR! This I get even less often than the McDonald's coke. We have a Starbucks about 20 minutes away, but this splurge only happens about once every 3 months. This is also a close your eyes and savor kind of drink. Every time I drink one I think, "THIS is the best coffee around!" Hands down.


Camis with a lace-trimmed bottom. I wear these under everything possible. I love the trim at the bottom. You can snatch these up at or kohls. Since our school is super cold, I wear these along with 2 other layers every day. But I just like the look of them. They just add something to a sweater or shirt.


Crocs Nadia boots. THESE were a splurge I bought last year. Since everything in my life somehow wraps back around to my life at school, I decided I needed a GOOD pair of boots for my recess duty everyday. We go outside every day in winter if it is 10 degrees or above. THAT can get pretty cold with no wind break whatsoever! These boots are super comfy and warm. I love them! And they are cute too!


My tastes in music varies all the time. I listen to a radio station everyday that plays EVERYTHING. Oldies, pop, etc. Christina Perri (CD above) has a song called Jar of Hearts that is my current fav. I also like Pink (don't judge me)

and Michael Buble (boo-bley). He is dreamy. However, my family likes to tease me whenever they hear one of his songs on the radio. Usually I hear, "Mom, Michael BUBBLY is on!" Hilarious. Super hilarious. (deadpan laughter)


A good book. I just received the one above for my book club Christmas gift. I can't wait to read it. A good book, or any book for that matter, totally relaxes me.


Rockin' accessories. I'm into the big/vintage looking necklaces this year. The one above I purchased earlier this year here. I love it, just for the fact that it is totally different.


Lands End thermacheck fleece gloves. Mine are not blue, they are actually argyle, and I got them last year, (for the recess duty again), because they were a necessity.

And lastly...


My purse calendar. You see, I'm a write it down kinda gal. I'm not into all this keeping your calendar on your phone kinda deal. I need to see it on paper. So, every year, I buy a Mary Engelbreit calendar that's filled with whimsical illustrations, and BIG blocks for writing more than one thing down for a day (since my days usually have more than one thing to do in them.)

I wouldn't say any of my bliss list is super indulgent. I would, however, be lost without several of the items, so I'll continue to spoil myself with them.

What are some things you couldn't live without?

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  1. Micheal Buble is dreamy. LOVE his Christmas CD, I've almost worn it out. Did you know he owns a hockey team in Vancouver BC?

    I'm also with you on the McDonald's Coke, with extra ice so it's super, super cold....

    but I like my Starbuck's as a plain, nonfat latte... and living in "Starbuck's country" well I indulge more than once every few months!

    Fun to see your list!


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