Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday

So, it's Monday again.  The Mondays of summer break have numbered far too many already.  It means the summer is slipping away much to my chagrin.

I'm linking up to the talented Lisa Leonard's blog for Hello Monday today.

Here is what I saw already this morning.

Hello old coffee cup borrowed from my husband's stash of free suppliers cups.
You are the biggest cup I have and the exact amount I need to get going each morning.  You have endured so many washings that your logo is terribly faded.

Hello crazy cat Oreo who has used this exact place behind the antique pump organ-turned-desk to torture the birds outside the window for weeks now.

Hello stack of beach towels which have seen more use at my uncle's pool this summer more than any in the past.  (this 90 degree weather everyday is killing us!)
 Hello little blue aqua fan that is on constantly to cool the living room down.  You have been our savior...along with central air this summer.

Hello Gerbera daisy.  One of my most favorite flowers because it just always looks so happy.

Hello wave petunias.  You're the second planting on the porch.  Your predecessors, the wimpy pansies, couldn't handle this incredible heat we've endured already.  You, honestly are much prettier.

 Hello to all of you, reading this tiny little blog.  Thanks for visiting me always and enduring both the good and bad posts.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

~~~Hot in Hades....I mean, Indiana~~~~Vintage Country Girl


  1. i love that turquoise fan! where did you find it?

    going to wash my stack of swim towels today so i can put them to use again tomorrow!


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