Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Social Life...what's that?

I'm pretty sure our kids are having the time of their lives right now.

That is to say, it's not anything they are's the age that they are at.

Sure, there is pre-teen angst with Grace...
and a little jealousy with Ev

 since Grace has spent the majority of her summer shuttling between friend's houses and ours...

But for the most part, their social lives are FAR busier than ours.

What with shopping trips to the mall with friends, sleepovers, sleepovers at our house, swim dates with friends, etc., etc. 

I'm just the shuttle bus that takes them where they need to go, and then picks them back up.

A week ago I went out with some girlfriends for supper.  We were so excited to be out...we stayed out for 3+ hours.  It was great!  No, it was Heaven!

I guess I shouldn't complain.  My kids have friends.  My kids are having fun.

It's summer after all.

So, kiddos,
when your dear mother asks you to get ready to go to the library tomorrow to return our books/movies...I don't want any grumbling.  I want smiles, and no fighting in the fan, and NO TEXTING friends.

Oh, and we might need to go to Wal-mart for a few things as well.  Just a fair warning.

           Mom (the under socialized one who takes care of you and drives you ALL the time!)


  1. So... I've got to ask... how many phone calls or texts did you get in those 3 hours? My experience with my "kids" was the "where are you?"... "when are you going to be home" kind of stuff when I got a minute to myself! :)

    But seriously, enjoy... it will over in the blink of an eye!

  2. Aww - I'm not looking forward the days when my WeeMan is old enough that he doesn't just want to hop in the car and go where I need to go. I'm also grateful that he doesn't know how to text or call me yet - so a girl's night out for me is phone call free - except for hubby calling a few times to ask silly questions. But I know the days are coming!

    Also had to let you know my ring came today and it's perfect. I LOVE it. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Friend ~ wish we could get together! I know exactly what you're talking about as my kids are at the beach right now while I deal with (too many) farm crisis... Calgon take me away, preferably with a good book n glass of wine! Oh well, maybe I can friend your etsy store. Congratulations!


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