Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not the way to start a morning

Yes, I'm a farm girl.

I grew up on a pig farm, and now I live on a farm with 4-h pigs, lambs, chickens, a dog, and a cat.

I should be accustomed to what gross things can happen with an animal.

It's just that 3 of them happened to me this morning within about a 1/2 hour time span.

Since it's summer, and I'm home from work, I usually sleep most nights on the couch.

I stay up later than Brent, and like to watch TV or read a book.  I'm a night owl, he's a morning person.

Still can't work out the differences after 15 years of marriage (but that's not the point.)

So, I awoke this morning around 6:15 when I heard Brent being loud in the kitchen.

I knew he wanted the kids to get up at 7:30 and wash the pigs.  (YES, there was ALOT of grumbling about this particular subject.  Not just the fact of getting up early, but of washing the pigs...each morning until we take them into the fair on Friday.)

So, when 7am rolled around, and I called upstairs, and heard NO ONE respond, my day took a nosedive.

I finally roused them, and looked down the hallway towards the laundry room, and the door out to the garage, and saw the first disgusting animal thing....cat puke.

Our cat Oreo, as cute as she may be, can also be incredibly stupid sometimes.  She usually eats quite a lot, and then deems it necessary to run around the house as fast as she can.  Then she pukes.

I guess that's what happened this morning.

I cleaned it up, and by then Grace and Evan were both downstairs.

I told them to go get the wash pens set up, and I would handle getting the pig's feed.  While they washed a pen of 2 pigs, I would feed that pen so that when they were done being washed they could eat.

While the kids were getting the wash pen set up, the family that keeps their 4-H pigs at our house showed up to feed and walk theirs.

As I was getting our pig pen shut, they were getting theirs opened, and this little nose...
went right up my backside.  A wet, cold, clammy, and muddy kiss.  Right up my shorts.

Gross animal thing #2.

I shook it off, and went to help the kids get the washing taken care of.  As I picked up the hose off the grass, I stuck my hand right in a pile of pig poop that was clinging to the hose.  Seems one of their pigs walked past the hose and took his morning dump.

Gross animal thing #3.

It's now 7:30 in the morning, and I've been grossed out 3 times.
When Brent called after we got inside to ask me something, I was pretty upset.  He asked what was wrong, I told him, and he couldn't contain his laughter.

I hung up on him.  

He called right back.

He laughed again.  As soon as I answered the phone he was laughing.  

Not really funny. 

Probably REALLY not funny for someone not accustomed to a farm.

Still, it's gross, and not a way to start the morning.

Hope yours was better!


  1. Yuck!! I'd have been grossed out too. We will probably make it up to your fair this year. I'm hoping on Monday or Tuesday. We'll be in Alabama until Sunday, but my brother really wants us to bring WeeMan up this year. Fingers crossed nobody gets sick - like last year- and nothing else comes up.

  2. Too funny! That sounds like when we had too many farm animals going & 2 boys in diapers! We had a calf making cow pies, our first chicks making a huge mess in our basement a horse & some goats and between the kiddos & the animals I started to feel like my whole day every day revolved around poo. Way tooooo much! So we downsized the farm animals (calf & chicks found new homes) and I felt much better! Such is life on a farm!!! Too fun & too funny and sometimes a bit too much!


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