Friday, May 31, 2013

The End

Today was our last day of school,

and my last day of work till next school year (minus the summer school I'm helping with first...)

At the high school, the band played "School's Out for SUMMER!" while the kids exited to the buses.

It was cool.

There were great memories made, fears overcome, and tears to commemorate a great year and awesome teachers.

 The year FLEW by.  Faster than I ever remember a school year doing.

Maybe it was because we were so busy, or maybe just because the kids are getting older.

Next year, they will both be at the same school again, and Grace will be in her last year of Junior High.  I can't believe it!  It will be nice to have them at the same school again.
Grace (on left) bringing home her friend Brooklyn to spend the night.

Our girl's softball won regional for the first time ever and are heading to semi-state!
Now, it's time to regroup, time to sleep in a little, time to prepare for vacation, the fair, etc.

I'm ready.

I know the kids are too.

Thank you God for protecting us this year, for giving the kids a great experience at school, and for making the year go by quickly.  We hope next year will be even better.

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