Friday, August 9, 2013

Somethings are always newer to someone else

It was time to refill my Etsy shop a little.

I've been slacking over the summer since my cousin, Emily, and I have been focusing all our creative efforts on our small booth at the local flea market.

I'm sorry Etsy customers of mine, you've seen little variety, and a whole lot of time between new things.

So, I added some new things tonight.

Like oilcloth bunting/pendants,

 more chalkboard items...
 fabric flower pins,
 map tags,
 ornate bulletin boards,
 vintage ceramic planters,
 and cutesy chalkboards.
Things I would use in my OWN home, anytime.

I'm even planning for a surprise event Emily and I were invited too...a little craft fair in Galveston, IN in October (more details later).

So much to think about, with so little time in between!

Hope you find something you like in my shop...and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

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  1. YOU truly do inspire me! I love what you create and I've tried my hand at a few more projects thanks to you. I made a map heart pic for my brother n his wife who are expecting their 1st baby AND moving to Austria! Also made some buntings and fabric flowers on frames. Wish I could craft n learn beside you... Wait a sec - I'm getting a great idea... You should come visit next year and help me host a craft party n sale! ??? I (n hubby/Mr Fix-It) need a good KICK to get me going in my old barn... ;-)


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