Tuesday, August 13, 2013


You don't see many photos of me on this blog, and there are several reasons.

One...I'm not very photogenic...no matter the pose.  No matter what I do, it looks awkward.

Two, I've gotten heavier since college, and don't like how I look in pictures.

Three, I'm usually the one behind the lens.


Four, I'd rather take pictures of other things...namely my kids, although that's getting harder and harder to do.

They don't like it as much as when they were younger.

I did tell them the other day in no uncertain terms they would have to get used to the pictures, even though they might not like it.  I will take them when they play sports, when they are being silly, and to record each year of their lives.

So, several weeks ago, once the craziness of fair was over, we went downtown where the old brick buildings give off their shabby charm.

The result...some silly shots, and a lot of really good ones.

It was really hard to pick which ones to blow up and frame...so I picked lots!


  1. Love the pictures. My only complaint is that they are getting way to "old" for my liking! We were watching old home movies yesterday, and they were running through a blanket in my doorway and cracking up (all under age 3). Where did the time go?

  2. Love love your photos! They are really growing up fast! Your young lady is very pretty! Now, if the two of us would give in, it would come full circle...right? LOL! Very nice post!


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