Friday, August 2, 2013

Deja Vu

This whole week I've been driving Evan to football camp at the high school.

The high school where I went, where my kids now attend junior high.

I've been driving the same route I drove 20+ years ago to school.

First through our tiny town,

(which has stayed the same since I was a kid.)

Then to the corner, where I remember on a snowy, icy school day, I turned and went sideways in the road, my sister screaming her head off beside me.

Where there used to be a historic wooden covered bridge, now just the rails reside.
(The bridge was burned to the ground when I was in high school.)

And onto the high school, which in our tiny district, still houses the junior high and high school together.
That's fine with me.  I don't mind a small district, I'd rather my kids know most of the kids in their class.

I've felt very nostalgic all week, driving the course I've been driving.

Maybe it's because school starts in a couple of weeks, maybe because we're attending Evan's first football game tonight at the school...I don't know, but the feeling is not ALL BAD.

I'm proud to say we live in the community where I grew up.

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