Thursday, November 7, 2013

History...Yuck, or not?

I NEVER grew up LOVING history.

However, for some VERY odd reason, I still remember the big 5th grade history project I had to do.  We were each given a president to write a report about.  We were to drum up facts, and add pictures as well.  (Remember, this was BEFORE computers, so pictures were copied, or in this case, transferred from a book using thin transfer paper.)  My President was the 14th...Franklin Pierce.  While I liked my 5th grade history teacher a little, I LOVED the picture part of this project, and the use of colored pictures, tracing, and just how it came out.  So, a history buff I wasn't, but a future art major I was.

Crazy memory, I KNOW.

But now we're in the present, and history is STILL not my favorite subject, save for one era.

I've read books about it, watched movies, and seen dramatized TV shows, and folks, I CAN'T get enough of it. 

I'm talking about the Tudor era.  King Henry VIII as a matter of fact.

I'm both intrigued and disgusted by it all. 

How cold WERE those castles?

How HEAVY were those dresses?

Were people really beheaded ALL the time?

And why was everyone so plain looking?

Brent thinks I am certifiably insane for all the things I've read and watched concerning this era.

He will walk through the room while I'm watching the Tudors TV series on Netflix, and just roll his eyes.

The only history that intrigues him is tractor history.  (insert rolling of MY eyes and snores.)

I REALIZE that what I've seen on TV and in the movies is highly overrated and made for dramatic effect.

I KNOW this, but I can't stop watching!

I've watched EVERY episode of the TUDORS (an HBO series) on Netflix.  (remember we DON'T have cable.)

No one is or was this good looking back in the 1500's in England.

I mean, King Henry VII really looked like this.

I've read this book (my pick for book club years ago)

and watched the movie.
Once again, the REAL King Henry VII was NEVER this good looking.

Now, I find myself hooked on the series Reign on the CW (Thursdays at 9pm).

Their costumes are BEAUTIFUL.  The drama and fighting and scandals were real I'm sure, but even more fun to watch on TV.

However, I'm sure the lady's in waiting to the queen were never this beautiful.  Nor did they wear lipstick.
The show is good.  I like it alot, but I watch it alone in my room because of the man with the comments and rolling eyes...aka my husband.

If I were you, I'd check it out, but remember, it's based only on some fact.  The real story from back that long ago is the most interesting.

But, sad to say, a history buff I'll never be.

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  1. I appreciate history much more as an adult than I did when I was younger. I actually find all of it quite interesting now!

    I also wonder what those folks would have looked like if there had been actual photographs since art was influenced by the era and obviously isn't necessarily what folks looked like either! Some of those figures in history might not have been so bad ;) although I agree that lipstick and windblown hair probably weren't the look either!



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