Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What will happen over break...hopefully

I have a day left of work, then I'm off for 5.

To say I'm a little bit excited is quite understated.

I have to get through work, then cheerleading practice after school, and then I'm home free, but first there will be a Varsity basketball game to attend.

Then, joy.  Unadulterated joy.  Maybe some sleeping in.

A lot of things to accomplish.  But then I always set a goal over break.

I've decided in a not very formal way, that alot of Pinterest ideas will be accomplished over Thanksgiving break.

Like, going through my closet, getting rid of what I NEVER wear, and putting together some outfits I've been pinning for awhile.

I need to sew up some jeans, and maybe add some ruffles to the bottom of my camis.

I need to start baking my Christmas cookies (always a favorite by friends AND my own family...)

and I'd like to try some new things, like homemade crunchwrap supremes,

P.F. changs lettuce wraps...

and some paleo meals.

Eating at my aunt's house, and Black Friday shopping with the kids is also a plan.

Then, some craft projects...for my Etsy shop, and myself.

and we can't forget...Holiday Decorating.

I need to mix mine up a little.  Move some decorations around, so my Christmas things don't look the same every year.

Simple isn't such a bad thing...maybe then I won't be so tired of it come New Years.

All in all, I'm getting pumped. 

How about you?

(feel free to find me on Pinterest.com...loriery, or just click the link on my sidebar.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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