Thursday, November 21, 2013

What you never thought you'd do

I'm not one to write with big, giant, sweeping words.

In fact, I get made fun of if I whip out a new one I read in a book.

So, my posts will never be what, say, my idol, Flower Patch Farm girl has with her wonderful, sweeping writers prose.

I'm a simple kind of girl, which leads me to talk about something that just "sprang to mind" the other day while I was waiting in my van to go into the preschool I help at 3 mornings a week.

"Things I thought I'd NEVER do, or have." 

In typical Lorie fashion, it's gonna be in a LIST.  (Remember, there is nothing wrong with lists....ahem... Brent.) just sayin'.

So, here goes...

1.  I NEVER EVER wanted a mini van.  I mean, who drives one of moms.  Frumpy people.  I was going to have a sport utility vehicle, and I was gonna look like I was cool.  Well, low and behold, 9 years ago, while I was the mother of a then kindergartner and a 4 year old, we bought one.  Gas prices had started to skyrocket, and sport utility vehicles were gas guzzlers.  It was the BEST THING WE EVER DID!  At the time, we were making yearly treks out to Illinois to visit my husband's extended family.  We had SO MUCH SPACE, AND we could put the kids WAY IN THE BACK, instead of right up behind us in a car.  We thought we were the smartest people on earth.  It was HEAVEN.

Now, it's necessity with all their stuff, and the friends we take home from practice.  Until my children are out of the house, we will have a van.  Now, granted, it's a sportier looking van, with leather heated seats, a DVD player, and all the extras.  We're not crazy, people. 

2.  I NEVER wanted to, or thought I'd live in the small town I grew up in.  I mean, come on people, I can't have a high paying, fancy job in a small town.  I can't marry someone rich with an equally fancy job if I stay here.  I thought I was gonna live in Chicago, or New York, or someplace MUCH fancier than my quaint little town.  (Ironic though it is, Grace now has the same aspirations!  New York is always on her mind, even though we have never been there.)  I had plans to move to Grand Rapids where my aunt and uncle were living at the time, and then I started dating my now husband, and I guess you could say, my priorities changed.  I don't regret the decision we made, but once a year, I have to get my "City Fix" and we travel to Chicago.  A girl's gotta dream, right?

3.  I NEVER EVER was going to find antiques interesting like my mom did.  She went to auctions, thrift stores, and antique stores.  My sister and I went with her.  I thought I hated every minute of it.  Little did I know I would grow to love them just as much, and make a small business out of selling/repurposing vintage items.  Who knew it would become a "fad" all it's own?

4.  I NEVER thought I would like the crazy, very ugly CROCS fad.  I mean, sure, they are great for nurses who are on their feet all day, but come on...they look ridiculous.  I'm happy to say, however, I have a pair in my back room.  They are GREAT for outdoor summer projects, cause you can hose them off, and slip them right on again.  When Evan was little, his feet were so fat, and he took his shoes off so much, crocs were the easiest thing for him to wear.  Just goes to prove, sometimes crazy really is GOOD! 

and lastly,

5.  I NEVER thought I'd be a writer.  I mean, I know, I'm not, my sister was always better at that, but I NEVER guessed I would ever be writing a blog, telling strangers about my life, OUR lives. Getting comments that crack me up from people I've never met.  What a great experience this has been, even though so very often my husband thinks it's important to tell me the blog would be SO MUCH BETTER if it was all about him.  Get your own blog buddy! 

So what things did you NEVER think you'd do or buy, or wear?  I'm dying to know!


  1. Oh my gosh....I can relate except I have many pairs of Crocs, hah. Never a mini van but if probably would now if my kids were home. My grandson said he felt COZY in my little VW yesterday. He actually said COZY, love that boy. I write what comes to me at the moment. I could never write like FPFG. But sometimes I can't keep up with what she writes. She is so funny with her words and I love reading her posts. I think you are doing just fine. My Hubby wants to be the star of my blog too hah.

  2. You're funny. I like the "Ahem, Brent" part :) I LOVE lists!!

  3. I am so very grateful that you've tried and shared yourself here! Your fresh creations with vintage treasures feed my soul. No crocs or minivan due to mud n horse trailers and I ran away from the big city to find my dreams in the country, but I still feel like we could be sisters.(((hugs)))


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