Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moms are LIARS

I LOVE my kids. 

They are crazy, and SUPER smart.

It's hard to lie to them, but sometimes it MUST be done.

To be honest, I've lied to them over and over throughout the years.

Not the MAJOR stuff of course, but at certain times in their lives, I've stretched the truth a little.

Grace and her friend and I were riding together in the van a couple weeks ago, and we got talking about this.

We were talking about how hard it was to lie about things like Santa and the Tooth Fairy to Grace cause she's so whip smart.

She was such a light sleeper, I could never send Brent upstairs with the money and pack of gum to put under her pillow in exchange for her tooth, cause his footsteps up the stairs sound like an elephants. 

It was HARD to be the tooth fairy with her. 

With Evan, it was a piece of cake....he sleeps like the dead.

I remember one year close to Christmas, Grace asked me why Santa had the same wrapping paper as me.

At that time, she didn't have a clue about Santa not being real.

I had to think quick on my feet, and I distinctly remember telling her it was because HE gave me the wrapping paper to wrap the presents because he had SO MANY to do.

She bought it.


Evan never questioned me as hard as she did, and he took everything I said at face value.

I'm sure there are other times I had to stretch the truth like when they play sports for the first time. 

Sometimes it's painful to watch until they learn it, but you build them up anyway.

My kids are ruthless for answers, and unfortunately like my dad, I'm a terrible liar, so it's made for some interesting answers!

For those of you who aren't parents yet, start stocking up your answers now, think smartly, you're gonna need all the help you can get!


  1. Ha! My daughter was 4 when she saw the "santa" paper from the PRIOR year tucked away in my closet... and still remembered it! That year, we switched to plain white tissue paper :)

  2. Your kids are so sweet! I think that mine is so smart that she is lying to ME about believing in Santa so as to score better gifts! Truth be, she's also kind so could be protecting her baby brother.?! We gave up on treats under pillows and copied a friend who said the tooth should best be left in a glass of water on the mantle. Then the glass is filled with coins. Not nearly as exciting but much less stressful! ;-)
    Glad the card arrived. I'm still going to blog about your generous creations when I get caught up!
    Leslie@farm fresh fun still in Austria but missing my blogging friends


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