Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shout Out #2

Last Tuesday I highlighted some Etsy shops and told you how great they were.

I have four more of my favorites today to share with you.

I have to say, when I favor a shop, I'm looking for great prices, excellent products, and unique things.

Here are some great shops for you to check out!

#1  Booksygirl

Full of botanicals, maps, and other great, great vintage things...this shop had me at the maps and charts.

I could see the solar system chart on my wall somewhere, and well, the maps, they are great, and all the prices...well, really reasonable.

It's worth a look at this shop!

#2  Katie Scarlett & Co
 Fantastic pillows, and even more fantastic sayings and designs on them.  I could buy several for the prices Katie charges.

 #3 Hawks and Doves
 Jessica sells the most unique and wonderfully vintage bags made out of old fees sacks and carpenter's aprons.  I LOVE the bags and would love to own one myself.

 Just imagine the compliments you would get from a bag like this.  Guaranteed no one else would have one like it!

#4  The Country Barrel
Devon and Tanita sell alot of accessories for mason jars, bird feeders made from mason jars, vintage jewelry, stamped plant markers, and some vintage items, plus alot more.

Their shop is adorable and the mason jar bird feeder would be a great item in my garden!

These shops are one of a kind, and if you would just hop on over and check them out, I would be grateful.

I'm all for supporting small businesses.  Aren't you?

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