Monday, April 21, 2014

We've Been a Little Busy

We've been a little busy around here with babies.

Our ewes have started popping.

Our first set came last Thursday night with our oldest ewe, Lambchop.

She had a set of triplets.

But something happened.

It's called the CRAZY ewe.

You see, we have 12 ewes that are pregnant.  Lambchop had triplets...the most she's ever had.

Another pregnant ewe got it in her head for some reason that the babies were hers, so she started licking them and calling to them, and got the babies and Lambchop all confused.

Lambchop, started to reject the that's where the kids and I stepped in.

Brent was gone, so we went and got the lambs, and started bottle feeding them.

Yep, 4 times a day.

It's like having another child again...except it's 3 all at once!

It's fun for awhile, and then it becomes alot.

We do it so they get stronger, and until they can eat grass on their own.  Then we'll move them back with the other lambs we have.

Just look at them, aren't they adorable.  This is curly (he's got crazy curly hair on his neck and back.)
 This is crazy legs, because whenever you're holding him to feed him, or whenever he's outside, he runs sideways, jumps around like a deer, or is constantly moving his legs while he's in your arms. 

And this is Pumpkin.  Because he's adorable, and stares you right in the eyes all the time .

 We can't get enough of them.

This past Saturday, we had my cousins over with their small kids to play with the lambs and see the chickens, etc.

This is Kendall.  I don't know who is cuter...her or the lamb.  I mean really.

This is my cousin Jamie and her daughter Nora.  I think Jamie had more fun with the babies than Nora did.

 This is Macy (on the left), and Kendall.  Macy carried the babies around all day.  What a natural.

 This is my cousin Bridgett.  The moms even had fun with the babies.

 And this is Rylin and Kendall.  Oh my gosh...we had the best time!

Even though this is sometimes hard, and we're changing our schedules around to feed these babies, it's worth them growing big and strong!


  1. They are precious! We also raised a little black lamb with a bottle. She was kicked out of the barn by her mother and the farmer was going to 'take care of her' in a most unpleasant way. We bought her home, named her Lady and bottle fed her for 1 1/2 years. (I didn't know I could stop feeding her). When she got so big, we took her out to a farm because we lived in the city. She grew up with a dog and thought she was a dog also. She was a darling pet. I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  2. Ahhh they are adorable. I have seen a lot of lambs in pictures that photographers have been taking for Easter. Adorable babies and real babies.

  3. CA-UTE! These are great photos. I'm sure you made those little people very happy! Too bad Davis left IN so soon. He would be in heaven.


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