Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jewelry Snob

I AM a jewelry snob.

I have a lot of necklaces.  I do.  It's a fact.

A lot of my favorite items on my Etsy boards are jewelry.  Necklaces to be exact.

It's the one accessory that I can use to dress up, or quirk up anything in my wardrobe.

Grace has even been known to steal a couple and use them for pictures.

SOOOOOO....I needed a new place for my jewelry.

It was currently residing in a large jewelry box that was taking up too much room on my small shelf in the bathroom.

I pinned a few jewelry organizer ideas from Pinterest a while back.

They both kinda had the same idea...use a really cool frame and work around that.

I struggled with what I wanted for quite a while.

And I put it off till just a couple weeks ago.  Procrastinator, I know.

I had picked up a wooden coat rack at Goodwill quite some time ago, and decided to use it in a different way.

I had the big, gorgeous, white frame...I've had it for years and used it in many different ways, but this way, I like the best.

This summer I also picked up this great piece at Goodwill, on a half off day, so it was $1.

All in all, I like the set up.  My plans one day, to have a small dresser to hold my towels, etc. with this on the top.

What do you think?

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  1. How fun! I did a little something to hang my favorite, wear all the time, sort of necklaces up too but I like your little rack idea! And the egg tray is great for lots of things besides eggs obviously... but actually I think my favorite idea is the vintage make up/train case with hair stuff in it! I'm now just wishing my bathroom was a little bit bigger!!

    Great ideas!


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