Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My absolute go-to girls...

These days, I'm feeling VERY exhausted.

It has a lot to do with these yahoos!

It's like 40 is just whipping my butt, and I can't recover every night.

There isn't a day in the week that I'm home more than 20 minutes before 6:20 pm.

I'm back to work, but I have a week left at my job before I start a new one, so these last few weeks have been about training my replacement, stressing about teaching her everything, and worrying about everything I'll have to learn new at my next job.

Each day, I leave work, run errands till practices are over, or go home and start part of supper, then head to the school.  Evan is done with football at 5:30, and then we wait in the van for Grace who is done with cheer at 6:00. 

We rush home to have mom make supper (wish I had a FAIRY to do this for me...or a husband who might????), and then clean up. 

Throw some laundry in the mix, some reminding about homework, making lunches, etc. and it's already 8:30 or 9:00! 

To wind down, if I have the time and haven't already fallen asleep on the couch,  I check up with these ladies...

 I've met her in person several times.  I'm still blown away by her, and feel like I'm meeting a famous movie star everytime I encounter her.  My not shy self, becomes the biggest introvert alive.  I am embarrassed by this. 
She is Shannan.  She is Flower Patch Farm Girl, living in the city. 
I read her everyday.  She brightens up my life.  She is quirky, has a GREAT sense of fashion, and I want to go flea market shopping with her cause her house is gorgeous.  She's even been in a magazine.  She IS famous.

This Kansas born mother of 5 amazes me.  I want her energy.  I want her job of hosting craft weekends in her second home.  I want her budget to go spruce up my own house.  I read her blog everyday as well.  She is my go-to gal if I need something to inspire my creativity.  She is Whatever.  She loves rainbows and COLOR.  She is my inspiration.

This wonderful East Coast lady came into my life a couple years ago with some very nice comments on some of my posts.  We've since corresponded through email, and even sent each other goodies in the mail.  She's got two adorable children, is living in a farmhouse with gorgeous interior brick walls, and spends her everyday with her farm animals and horses.  I love to read about her adventures and travels.  She is Farm Fresh Fun.

If you haven't checked out these ladies on my sidebar, then do it.  They will brighten up your day!

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