Friday, September 26, 2014


Is anyone strolling through Hobby Lobby and seeing the Christmas decorations right beside the fall ones?

I mean, this has been going on for months already.

I know it happens every year, but it STILL shocks me each time I see it. 

We're not officially celebrating fall yet, but lets get the Christmas decorations out!


While I think it's a little silly, I've jumped on the bandwagon myself.

The other day I listed some Christmas (AND FALL) decorations in my store.  I have some other Christmas things sitting on my craft desk awaiting the final touches that I can't wait to list!

Here are some things that I put into the store the other day...

Four different Fall Flag/Pennant/Bunting to decorate with.

Everyone needs a little fall in their life!

Some cute non-spinning pinwheels to use for a party or just as a decoration...

And some Christmas ornaments.

I still have some vintage book garland in the store for your Christmas tree too, or to use over a mirror, above a window, etc. 

Check back soon to see what else I've listed.  You can click the link on my side bar.


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