Saturday, October 4, 2014

it finally happened.

I told  you a week or two ago about the shutter project for the house.

There were 18 in all, and they were VERY faded.

This is the before picture.

I did like the color, and at one time, our front door was the same color.  But about a year ago I painted the front door red.

Obviously, when we started the project, and all 18 shutters arrived on the ground, I wanted to make them match the front door.

I liked the red on the door, but I'm not so sure about how it all looks now, so you'll have to let me know your opinion.


The kids call it the ketchup and mustard house.  Funny.  But not really.

It took 3 coats on each of the 18 shutters.  It felt like a REALLY LONG project.

The other project I was working on involved a potential "coffee bar" area.

Brent and I LOVE coffee, but I was tired of where our coffee maker used to be, (in a corner, in the way of dirty dishes when they were on the counter, and way to close to the stove.)


I first started with a sign. 
When my cousin Emily moved to Wisconsin recently, she gave me a white painted barn board with chippy paint.

I was going to use it for a shelf in the kitchen above the stove, but decided to do this instead.

I got out my sharpie marker and some black craft paint.

I wrote COFFEE, then painted it in, and let it dry of course.

Till it looked like this.

Then I took some sand paper, and distressed it till it looked a little MORE chippy.

Then I added some sawtooth hangers to the back.

And hung it up.

Under my "new" coffee bar...

These shelves used to just house some of my antique collectibles, but I made it more coffee friendly.

Coffee filters in a very worn PYREX bowl, coffee grounds in a glass jar with a chalkboard coffee sticker, and our new coffee maker (which I had to purchase Thursday since ours decided to take a poop the night before.)

I even added the vintage coffee mugs my mom found for me at Goodwill.

It's out of the way from other people in the kitchen, and it's just right. 

So, two big projects done. 

Feels good.


  1. I do like the shutters that color. It doesn't look like k and m. Love the sign and the coffee bar. That new coffee makers is nice.

  2. Your shutters look nice and fresh! And save me a spot in your coffee nook this December. It's awesome!


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