Friday, November 14, 2014

A Dusting.

It's Nov. 14, and last night we got our first "dusting" of snow for the year.

(Neighbor's house)
It's pretty.  It looks serene, but it's chilly outside.  Obviously.

It's also Jake's FIRST snow.  Ever.  He's only 6 months old.

He's just like our last lab, Rudy.

He LOVES the snow. 
So far.

Notice the dusting of snow on his nose.  Crazy boy, wondering what all this white stuff is!

I'm glad he doesn't seem to mind the cold.  He's leaping around like he doesn't know what to make of it.

Of course, I feel bad about him possibly being cold, so at Goodwill, I buy him the fleece blankets for $3.  The ugly ones no one wants. 

And what does he do instead of snuggle with them in his house?

Drags them all around the yard like he's Linus from Charlie Brown!

And if you so much as try to remove it from his mouth and put it back inside his house, he leaps at you till he retrieves it!

Crazy, crazy dog.  Are you part human by the way?

He also struck both these poses when I told him to sit.  He'll be great for Christmas card pictures this year!

We love you Jake, you silly, silly dog!


  1. Your snow is pretty, but I'm just not ready yet. Can't wait to meet Jake soon.

  2. Your photos are wonderful, I loved the snow one it's simply beautiful. And Jake, well he's nothing short of a character.. It made me laugh smile big touched my heart. Lovely post thank you for sharing with love Janice


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