Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Cards

We all get them every year.

Sometimes we don't know what to do with them.

Do you put them in a basket?

Hang them up around the doorframes?

Attach them to your Kitchen cupboards?

I've done ALL of the above.

A couple years ago, I made this embroidery frame card holder that I modeled after a Martha Stewart one.

I like it, and still use it, but I also created something else last year.

After Christmas was over, I used to scrapbook the cards we got every year, but that took up a lot of pages in my scrapbooks, so I decided to do something that was more compact, and that I could flip through every year if I wanted to.

I saw the idea on either Pinterest or in an Etsy shop, I can't even remember, but once I saw it, I was on a mission.

First, I needed a Christmas golden book.

You remember those golden books we had growing up...well, I needed one, so I headed to Goodwill where I knew they would be the cheapest if I could find one.

I did.

I took off the binding, and punched holes (with my crocodile punch) through both covers and all the pages.  I wanted to keep the pages intact as well, to mix in with the cards I would be getting.

I made a title page first...

Then interspersed the cards we got from friends and family.

It's not too bulky, and it is great to sit on the coffee table from year to year.

The kids like to go through it, and I like to see the changes in our friends and their families from year to year.

I even picked up another golden book for this year...

It serves my love of vintage books and my love of friends and family to a T.

Easy as pie.


  1. Love the wreath and the book idea!! I was just wondering what to do with my cards this year. Now I have a couple of choices.

  2. So sorry that I've disappeared from blog land. I DO think of you n check in here often! Loved your card btw. <3 My lifestyle doesn't really lend itself to bling or pretty boots or perfume too often, but I share your tastes1 THIS Christmas Golden Books idea tho is me to a "T"!!! I;m already doing the Dr Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go" book for school memories and now, thanks to you I'll use The Christmas Story as a scrapbook for holiday memories! LOVE IT - THANK YOU!!! xoxo Leslie


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