Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Shout Out #12

It's Tuesday. 

It's #12.  Evan's FAVORITE number of all time, so this WILL be a good one.

I love to shout out Etsy shops I come across, and would definately buy from myself. 

I've gotten so many good responses from the shops themselves, and from followers who say THEY have found new favorites, so I'm all about continuing the "tradition."

Here is the link from last week's shout out.  They were all lovely shops last week, and this week boasts just as many.

So, without further ado, #12.

#1  Vintage Rescue Squad

 This shop carries some of my favorite things...vintage.industrial.chippy paint.
I mean, really.

Everyone needs numbers and metal signs, and random objects that once had a life as something else, but could be so much more. 
Go visit.  You must.

#2  Printable Wisdom

Ashley outdoes herself with her great printable works.  She creates digital printables of Bible verses, quotes, artwork, portraits, silhouettes, monograms, and even invitations and cards.

Her work is brilliant.  Simple.  Elegant.  Wonderful.

And every woman needs one of these don't you think!?

Any of these works would make a fabulous Christmas gift.

Kim and Leia's shop is a wonderful paperie and marketplace.  Grace liked it instantly because it was full of GLITTER.  I agreed.
Table runners and pillows, and beautiful stockings for Christmas.  Plus much, much more.

Shop here, right away.

At Kelsey's shop, she restores ALL the things I love...vintage items...chippy paint...old windows...chalkboards, and much more.  

Give me red, give me aqua, and you've got me hooked.

Jamie has done it.  She's taken all my loves, and displayed them just as I've always wanted to, but haven't yet.  She boasts that she sells vintage FUN, and she's right.

I adore everything she has.  You will too.

Since this is shout out #12, that means I've previously shared other wonderful etsy shops, so head on over to my etsy favs here, and favorite these shops yourself!

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