Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's the small things...

Wednesdays, for some minor reasons, are NOT my favorite day of the week. 

Sure, I mean, it's halfway through the work week...that makes it somewhat good...

and Wednesdays are also the day my great husband takes the kids to church.  He has Bible Study, and the kids each have their youth meetings, and I get my night out....TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING!  Gee, isn't that the most glamorous thing you've ever heard of?  (Brent thinks going to the grocery store is what I so

Yeah, whatever.

Tonight, though, at the grocery store/superstore, I picked up some great things that made my Wednesday night ritual, not so bad.

The best purchase...along with the groceries that is....was the latest issue of Flea Market Magazine.
The next in line...a new purse calendar...on sale for 99cents, which I will be recovering and sprucing up a little.  I needed a smaller one that weighs, oh, less than the 5 pound one I've been carrying around!
And lastly, a great green long-sleeve men's T on clearance for $6.  I will be making another infinity scarf like the one here, and using the arms to make some more t-shirt flower pins.
So, Wednesday this week, was alright.  I even made it home before Brent and the kids, so I got to eat and read my book in silence for awhile.

What do you do on Wednesdays?


  1. Oh...I am so jealous!!! I have been watching the mag stands for Flea Market Style and have not found it yet in my parts!!!! Can't wait to get it!!!!!

  2. I can't find that one here...guess my town is too small, lol! I'm going shopping in our larger area with malls and all, then I know I'll find it!
    Hope you enjoyed your night out! Hugs

  3. That's a great price on the Susan Branch calendar...I found them back in November at our local Big Lots and thought that $2.00 was a good price. I don't really do anything special on Wednesdays...just started an evening cardio/toning class with my friends and my daughter last Wednesday so I guess that will be what I do on Wednesdays.


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