Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feeling a little Southern

Have any of you seen this new, up and coming, somewhat "hidden" show on the CW entitled 'Hart of Dixie'?
I have to admit, I didn't watch it from it's inception, but I catch it, usually by accident, every week. With our schedule, I just can't remember, and I usually see only it when I'm flipping channels.

Well, flipping through our 13 channels.  Our 13 non-cable channels.  Our amish cable as you will.

It stars the hunky from my old favorite, Friday Night Lights.
Jason Street. (That was his TV name on FNL.  I don't know his real name...)

 The show is a  little edgy, a lot Southern, and I guess you could say it satisfies all my tendencies toward the Southern half of the country.  (Except for the heat and humidity that is!)

It's a little Margaret Mitchell, a little Sweet Home Alabama (one of my favorite movies.)

I'm a little hooked.  Course, I really don't have time to watch TV, but how else am I gonna unwind at the end of the day?

Then again, maybe I shouldn't get hooked.  It seems all my favorite shows experience a very early death after just a couple seasons.  Why TV executives does this have to be so?


  1. I don't watch much on tv, and I usually don't get into the girlier shows...but this is one I watch almost religiously and loooooove to pieces!!!!

  2. I ADORE Sweet Home Alabama!!! I think Reese's hair is completely adorable in that movie!

  3. too funny I'm watching all the episodes on my computer and catching up too. I love it!


  4. Gotta say the movies can glamorize the real South just a little bit, but anytime you want a taste of the culture, come on down and visit! Also, I was looking for a new book and started reading Buffalo Soldier by your recommended author, Chris B.... and I like it so far. Thanks for the tip, sis!

  5. I love Hart of Dixie! At first, I wasn't too sure, but after I few episodes it quickly became one of my favorites. It's nice to watch a show that is somewhat lighthearted and wholesome..,and any show thah has FNL characters on it works for me! I miss FNL.


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