Monday, February 20, 2012

It's time

I feel guilty.  And hypocritical, let's be honest.

I really do.

You see, each time I let a couple days go past without posting, I feel bad.

I'm also, truth be told, a little irritated when those blogs I follow don't post something new for me to look at everyday.

I know this is wrong.

And I know I'm a hypocrite.

I realize we all have busy lives.  Good grief don't I know it.

We are all human, too.

I know that.

So I'm feeling remorseful.  Wicked.  Lazy.  Bummed.

So I'm posting today about what I did yesterday after an all afternoon club volleyball tournament.

I got ready for summer, in a small kinda way.

The sun yesterday put me in the mood.

To plant things that is.

I first had to get all my supplies in order, and then I checked a website that told me exactly what I needed to start indoors when.

I found an old enamel box that I repainted.
I painted it my favorite color of pistachio.
Once it was dry, I lined it with paper towels to catch the water that would come out of the bottom of my pots.
Each year, when I purchase vegetables plants from the nearby greenhouse, I save the little pots for the next year.  6 of them fit perfectly in the enamel box.
I filled each one with seed starter...
wet it down a little and then added some seeds.  Tomatoes and peppers should be started indoors NOW.
These tomatoes are the size of your pinkie nail and can just be thrown into salads, tacos, etc. and not cut up, so they aren't mushy!

Then I put more soil over the top of the seeds, and watered some more.

They fit just right in my kitchen windowsill where the sun was streaming in.

All ready to grow.  I'll have to find another place to get other seeds started.  For now, this is enough.


  1. What a great idea! Even in my apartment I could grow herbs on the kitchen sill.

  2. Okay you're making me anxious for spring too. Maybe I'll try to start my own tomatoes inside this year. I've decided if winter is just going to tease us then I'm done with it. Bring on the spring!

  3. Oh you are smart! I don't have the desire to get started this year. I've tried to find a garden space here at the new house, but too many trees will prevent me from having one. Now, I really miss the old home place. I hope you have some pretty plants to start! Hugs


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