Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cooking...with a side of manure

Yep, the title says it all, and so would Ree.  Ree Drummond that is.  AKA The Pioneer Woman.

That's right...we're like this (fingers crossed) but not really.  I've never met this woman in my life...but kinda want her life.

City girl, met a stud of a man when she was least expecting it, fell in love, got married, moved to a sprawling ranch his family owns, started a blog, gained notoriety, wrote 2 cookbooks, wrote a children's book, wrote her own love story, and then started a food network show...I mean, come on.  She's the girl next door!

I want to be her.

So, I bought her first cookbook a year ago.  Or maybe a year and a half ago.

LOVE IT!  Her meatballs are to die for, and many other things as well.  It's a MAN'S kinda food as Brent would say.  Meat and potatoes!

So, I bought the newest one tonight.  Like 5 minutes ago.
I'm pretty pumped.  I like new recipes.  I feel I'm in a rut too often.  I mean, how many times a week can we have tacos?  (no, you don't feel this way...)

So, while my husband is glued to the TV for March Madness, I'll be perusing my new cookbook...written by my idol.



  1. My daughter and I bought her newest books yesterday in Seattle... PW is coming to a bookstore in Seattle for a signing and "talk" so my daughter and fiancee will be taking our books to be signed :) and to hear her as well. I'd love to go too except it's a week/work night that she's coming in April... Of course we already went through them... yummo!


  2. I've heard about it but didn't buy it yet. I'm going shopping Saturday, and I'll add to my list. Thanks for sharing! Hugs Loretta


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