Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm a copycat! Are you?

So one of my favorite ladies...Shannan over at Flowerpatchfarmgirl posted today about her favs on Pinterest.

I know it's totally the FAD of the that is.  But the fact is, I've fallen head over heels for it myself just like those pegged jeans back in the 80's and 90's.

You see, if you haven't tried it, well, you should.  It's as simple as that.  You can search for ANYTHING under the sun.  Like the tape player/radio/boombox I had growing up....
I saw it and was immediately transported back to my childhood room that I shared with my sister, when I would tape all my favorite songs off of the radio and declare that everyone be absolutely SILENT while I did so.

Pinterest is where I discovered I'm not the only one with an affliction for mixing the colors red and aqua.

It's the place that I've also found great recipes like these baked zucchini chips...
and this cowboy casserole.
I've found hundreds of DIY projects/home ideas/etc. and I've copied them myself.
better homes and gardens
There are great quotes...
and even greater tutorials.
And I've had a million Ah-Ha moments just by browsing...
(totally great idea for ribbon storage)
Yes, you can spend HOURS browsing, but I'd rather be doing that and being productive than surfing facebook.

I'm addicted like a crack addict.  (At least I think I am, I've never taken crack...)
I'd highly recommend it!  You can follow me on by clicking on my link on my sidebar.  
So, I'll admit it, I'm a copycat to the highest degree...are you?


  1. I'm a pinterest junkie! I suspect they are going to start doing interventions soon. You'll probably see them on some sort of reality tv show. I have been doing a better job lately of actually doing some of the things I have pinned. At least that's something, right??

  2. Meant to, but I've never visited...things certainly need to change, huh? I suppose the best place to start is yours'! Thanks for the share! I've been slow this week, but wanted to say hello! Hugs


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