Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Official...

It's official.  Not that is wasn't already.

We've been back to school for a week.

Long enough for it to go from great, cool, taunting you with fall weather, back to hot, humid, throw summer in your face weather.

Just in time for all the kids to be cooped up in a school building where you're not allowed to open the windows.

Yeah, that's right.

Where was I going with this...

Oh, yeah, back to school.

Grace has been officially initiated into Junior High and seems to think I was doing all my worrying for nothing.


Obviously she's never been a mother!

Well, anyway, school is going great for both Grace and Evan, and tomorrow, we'll find out just how well for Grace.

While she's enjoying volleyball practice, Brent and I (or maybe it'll just be me, we haven't decided) will be shadowing a day in the life of Grace.

It's back to school Welcome Night for Parents.

We get to go to school, and follow along with our child's schedule, going to class, getting books out of the locker, etc. and see if we can make it on time.

THIS  is why I STILL sometimes have dreams about not being able to open the combination lock on my high school locker!
I wake up in a cold sweat because I've forgotten  my combination and can't get to class on time, and I have to go to the office and grovel until someone comes to help me.

I'm getting a cold sweat now just thinking about it for tomorrow night.

It's been 20 years since I was a high school senior.

Yep, I've said it, now you know how truly old I am, and sometimes feel.

High school had some of the best times of my life, but do I want to relive it?

For Grace I will.  It'll be fun to meet her teachers too, and see the parents of her friends.

Then when she's done with Volleyball, we can laugh about how stressed I was getting to each class in 4 minutes.

Her classes are all spread out all over the building.  I think I'll wear tennis shoes, and take an ibuprofen before I go.

However, the first day of school, I made her a detailed map of the school and where her classes were (color-coded if I may add) so she wouldn't get confused.  We'll have to see if I remember the map.

Wish me luck.  I bet I'll come home and have the dream about the locker combo when my head hits the pillow.



  1. Too, too....funny Lorie!! Welcome to my dream world...and I've been out of school double the yrs. you have!! haha...Instead of a map you could have sent a GPS or put it on her phone as well...cracks me up girl...If you will remember...acting helpless or lost is where you get the attention of cute boys...has it been that long ago? Glad she & Evan are making the adjustment full of confidence & a good attitude....Relax now & enjoy all the giggles you will witness in your preschool mornings & remember when....Where does time go??? Here's to another great school year!! love ya sweetie!!

  2. This was kinda ME! Glad it went so well for both your kids! I was worried sick about my little man's first day of Kindergarten... For nothing. He and his big 3rd grade sis had a great day. But the thought of high school makes me hyperventilate! Best wishes to you all this year!

  3. oh, it would be so fun to get to shadow my kid at high school... as long as i didn't have to use a locker! i always forgot my locker combo. always! enjoy.


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