Saturday, August 11, 2012

This is what I mean...

I'm not a summer kind of girl.

Sure, it's great being off school and work...DON'T GET ME WRONG...but I'm not very crazy about the weather.

Give me the coolness of spring or fall any day.

Today's high was 74 degrees.   It was heaven.

The windows came open today for the first time in months.  The cool air felt so good and refreshing.

It made me wish I could take the volunteer pumpkins in my garden right up to the porch.

I had a hankering to start decorating for fall.

And I can't wait to start dressing for those cool weather football games, either.

I even made these incredibly yummy cookies today (recipe here)
because that's what you do in cool weather...bake!

I'm jazzed because the rest of the week is going to be cooler than all summer.

Bring it on Mother Nature...bring it on!


  1. yay for cooler temps! open wide open and lots of breezy goodness! I think we have a football scrimmage this weekend! bring on the fun, I am ready!

  2. Ha! Cooled to 74? We're lucky to get 74 in the summer :) When the temp hits the upper 70's we Washingtonians start to complain!

    But seriously, I too love fall. A sunny day with just a touch of coolness in the air and I'm all about the cute fall outfit and canning tomato sauce!


  3. I agree!! I love fall!! Started fall decorating last week :) I say go ahead


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