Wednesday, August 1, 2012

See...I'm in style too!

So, I suppose I remember what it was like to be in Jr. High.

Grace is heading there this year, and cannot absolutely wait to go.

I'm shaking in my boots.

THIS year, more than any other so far, determines just how strong of a girl she really is.  There will be peer pressure like nothing she's ever experienced.  There will also be plenty of fashion faux paux I'm sure.

She's already told me of mine.  Many times.

'Course she's also reading fashion magazines, which she thinks are real life, but when you live in a tiny little rural town...oh, honey, it's not real life!

So, back to those fashion faux paux.

I try to stay up on the latest trends as much as any 38 year old should.  I realize skinny jeans and heavy eye makeup are not for me, however.

But, when I see a great deal on something I KNOW is IN as well as EXPENSIVE...well, I'm all OVER IT!

I saw these at Goodwill yesterday.
Tennis shoes, so what, right?

WRONG in Grace's opinion.

If you are currently living with a 12 1/2 year old (going on 25) like I am, you know at a glace that these are SPERRY shoes.  It's what all the girls's reminiscent of the boat shoes that were cool when I was in high school.  Oh yes, fashion trends DO come around again!

So, I picked them up.  MY SIZE.  It was a sign.  Then I started looking them over.  They were listed as $10.
BUT I had my $5 off coupon, so they would only be $5!

They were the real deal too.
Then I looked them over really well.  Each front toe area was split away from the seam.  I was pretty sure I could fix it with my mad sewing skills.

I did, but it was a little tricky.  I hope it will hold.  And I suppose if you look closely, you can tell, but they will be on my FEET, so whose gonna look that close?
Let's just say, I was jubilant over my deal of the day.

I looked them up online and they were listed for $70.

Not bad.  so do you have a great deal?

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