Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a normal day right?

We're gearing up for the fair, and by gearing up, I mean getting ready for the 9 most intense days we'll have all summer.

We'll get up early, and go to bed late.  I'll wash loads of clothes everyday that smell like pig, because we've been at the fair all day.

I'll pack lunches every night at 11:30 so that we're not spending a fortune on food each day of the fair.

We will scurry to find clothes for the next day, and show clothes for the day after that.

The kids are PUMPED to hang out with their friends, ride rides, and just be kids.  Oh, and maybe take care of their pigs, and show them since that's why we go to the fair in the first place!

So, yesterday, we took care of some business.  We had to.  The fair allows for no time doing anything else.

I picked up my apples from the amish neighbor

in anticipation of doing applesauce in the afternoon.  My "appliances, boxes, sugar, cinnamon, etc. were already set up waiting for the chore.

I went to the bank, got gas, headed to pick up Grace from a sleepover, and came home for lunch and for her to get ready for her orthodontist appointment.

Once she was ready, we headed to town, had the appointment, dropped off things at the library, and got some new ones...
Then we took a donation to Goodwill, shopped a little, stopped for cokes at McDonalds, headed to Walmart for some last minute fair supplies, and apparently some goofing off...

Once done there, we went to visit my Grandpa in the nursing home, and then went home to make supper,
and start the applesauce.  The kids and I worked on the sauce for 4 1/2 hours, minus Brent taking Evan to help get our load of hay for the sheep.

Grace and I worked like crazy, laughed out loud many times, listened to music at full blast, and waited for the boys to get home, and the pile of apples to shrink.

At 11pm, I called it a night.  We had put all the applesauce in the freezer, I had cleaned up, and I went to sit down on the couch.


Getting ready, or not since it's in the high 90's today, to set up our showbox, fans, and feeders at the fair tonight.  We take the pigs in at 7:30 am tomorrow.

Wish us luck!  We're gonna need it!

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  1. Good luck! Hopefully it cools down for at least part of your fair. Our fair is this week and I feel bad for the kids and the animals. I know they have to be miserable. It's just too hot to be outside much!


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