Friday, July 26, 2013

What time is it for the love of pete?

Is it really July 26?

Where, oh, where has the time gone for the last 8 days.

That's when the fair began for us...8 days ago, and with the lack of sleep, it's all run together into one big blob.

We have two children slightly upset about two different things.

Evan will miss his pigs (the one who won for him slightly more than the other...)

Grace will miss the socializing...

They each showed well...gaining more experience each year.

Rides were ridden on wristband day

fair food was eaten, and Brent worked extremely hard all week as a first year advisory member of the club.
We had a good run.  
Today is the auction, and the animals at the fair all leave the fair tonight.

We come back tomorrow to work at the pork producer's booth, and get a free meal.  We do it with friends, so it's alot of fun!

So, two more days...then we'll have a breather till next year.  

It is the fun fair after all, right.


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  1. It must be so much fun for your family. Tiring but fun. I always wondered if it was hard to give up the animals.


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