Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make myself sick

If I start to think about how fast this summer break has went, I'll make myself sick.

I mean, our fair starts next Friday.  That means we set up our showbox, fans, etc. next Thurs. night!

Once the 9 day fair is over, summer is down hill from there!  It's true people!

We haven't had many days since the beginning of June where we could just stay home and veg out.

We always have somewhere to go, whether it's to get groceries, take our things back to the library, 4-h meetings, small vacations here and there, family from out of state, youth trips, etc.

Tomorrow we have NOWHERE to go.  I want to get the kids school scrapbooks finished, or at least up to the point that I'm ready for this year.  I've procrastinated too long.

I NEED to get them done, just to say I actually accomplished something this summer break.

So, without further ado, here are snippets of our life this week.  Unfortunately, most have involved being stuck in traffic!  Ugh!

Getting my instagram pictures printed like mini polaroids!  Cool!

Watching storms roll in.

Finding Oreo in the craziest of places.

Great finds at the library this week.

Does summer, heck this whole past year, seem to have flown by because my kids are older?

I can't quite figure it out.  But I wish it would stop turning so quickly.

Hope your week/summer have been at just the right pace.


  1. Aren't you rushing time a bit? Who is that wedding book for, anyway?

    1. The wedding book is not for actual weddings....most of the things I sell in my etsy shop, and at the flea market, we were told were for wedding receptions/decorations for wedding. I was getting more ideas.


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