Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tiny Getaway

It was Grace's idea to go to the beach.

Since I take the kid's pictures myself, she wanted a "beach theme" for hers.

We decided to head to South Haven, MI to the great pier and beach.

We haven't been there for a year, so it was time to go.

It ended up being a great day weather-wise.

On the way up, we stopped and got some peaches, plums, and lunch.

The pictures turned out ok, it was VERY windy, so she's since decided to have them taken at another location, but I'll share what I got anyway.


  1. You got some great pictures in spite of the wind! What kind of camera do you use? I've been thinking about saving to get a new one. You had a terrific setting for your pictures - I'll have to add South Haven to our list of possible short road trips.

    Also have to ask - how did you do at the flea market? Wish we could have made it up while you were there.

  2. Your children are absolutely beautiful. I love their smiles. I am glad you had a fun little getaway! Don't we all need to get away sometimes? Absolutely perfect : ).

  3. Yet another talent! Beautiful pics of beautiful peeps!


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